John Ashburnham, 2nd Earl of Ashburnham

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John Ashburnham, 2nd Earl of Ashburnham, PC (30 October 1724 – 8 April 1812), styled Viscount St Asaph from 1730 to 1737, was a British peer and courtier.

Ashburnham was the only son of John Ashburnham, 1st Earl of Ashburnham, by his third wife, Jemima Grey, the daughter of the courtier Duke of Kent. In 1737, he inherited his father's titles and became a Lord of the Bedchamber in 1748.

On 25 June 1756, Ashburnham married Elizabeth Crowley (1727–1781), a daughter and co-heiress of Alderman John Crowley , of Barking, Suffolk, a wealthy London merchant, and a son of Sir Ambrose Crowley. Her dowry was £200,000. Elizabeth's mother was Theodosia, daughter of Revd. Joseph Gascoygne. They had six children:

  • George, styled Viscount St Asaph (1758–1758)
  • Lady Henrietta Theodosia (1759–1847), died unmarried.[1]
  • George, styled Viscount St Asaph (1760–1830), later 3rd Earl of Ashburnham
  • Lady Jemima Elizabeth (1762–1786), married James Graham, 3rd Duke of Montrose.
  • Lady Elizabeth Frances (1763–1854), died unmarried.
  • Lady Theodosia Maria (1765–1822), married Robert Vyner.

From 1753 to 1762, Ashburnham was Keeper of Hyde Park and St. James's Park and Lord Lieutenant of Sussex from 1754 to 1757. In 1765, he was appointed Master of the Great Wardrobe, and Groom of the Stole in 1775.


Honorary titles
Title last held by
The Duke of Somerset
Lord Lieutenant of Sussex
1754 – 1757
Succeeded by
The Earl of Abergavenny
Preceded by
The Duke of Newcastle
Vice-Admiral of Sussex
1770 – 1812
Succeeded by
The Duke of Richmond
Court offices
Preceded by
The Lord le Despencer
Master of the Great Wardrobe
1765 – 1775
Succeeded by
The Lord Pelham of Stanmer
Preceded by
The Viscount Weymouth
Groom of the Stole
1775 – 1782
Succeeded by
The Viscount Weymouth
Peerage of Great Britain
Preceded by
John Ashburnham
Earl of Ashburnham
1737 – 1812
Succeeded by
George Ashburnham
Baron Ashburnham
(descended by acceleration)

1737 – 1804