Joint Warfare Establishment

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Joint Warfare Establishment
Country United Kingdom
RoleJoint warfare training
Garrison/HQOld Sarum, Wiltshire

The Joint Warfare Establishment was a British military training establishment based at Old Sarum in Wiltshire.


The Joint Warfare Establishment was formed at Old Sarum in Wiltshire on 31 March 1963 when the School of Land/Air Warfare (formed in 1947 at Old Sarum) was merged with the Amphibious Warfare School (formerly based at Poole).[1] Its first commandant was Air Vice-Marshal Cecil Weir.[1] Its role was to teach officers from the three services to work as one unit when fighting local wars;[2] typical courses lasted 10 days at a time and each course was attended by about 50 officers mainly of major or lieutenant rank.[3] However the establishment also had more specialist roles as the training centre for British psychological warfare operations[4] and as the training centre for forward air controller training.[3] The establishment was disbanded in 1978 when such courses were transferred to the Joint Warfare Wing of the National Defence College at Latimer.[5]


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