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Journal of Marketing Research
Edited byRajdeep Grewal
Publication details
4.200 (2019)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4J. Mark. Res.
ISSN0022-2437 (print)
1547-7193 (web)
OCLC no.1783303

Journal of Marketing Research is a bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal published by the American Marketing Association. It was established in 1964 and covers all aspects of marketing research.[1][2][3] According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2019 impact factor of 4.200.[4] The founding editor was Robert Ferber.


  • In 1996 the journal established the Paul E. Green Award in honour of Paul E. Green for the best article in the Journal of Marketing Research that demonstrates the greatest potential to contribute significantly to the practice of marketing research.[5]
  • The journal awards the William F. O'Dell Award for the article that has made the most significant, long-term contribution to marketing theory, methodology, and/or practice.[6]


The following persons are or have been editor-in-chief of this journal:[7]

Notable papers[edit]

  • Green, Paul E. and Vithala R. Rao (1971). "Conjoint Measurement for Quantifying Judgmental Data". Journal of Marketing Research. 8 (3): 355–363. doi:10.2307/3149575. JSTOR 3149575.
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  • Churchill, Gilbert A. and Carol Surprenant (1982). "An investigation into the determinants of customer satisfaction". Journal of Marketing Research. 19 (4): 491–504. doi:10.2307/3151722. JSTOR 3151722.
  • Simonson, Itamar, and Amos Tversky (1992). "Choice in context: Tradeoff contrast and extremeness aversion". Journal of Marketing Research. 29 (3): 281–295. doi:10.2307/3172740. JSTOR 3172740.CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (link)
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  • Novemsky, Nathan, and Daniel Kahneman (2005). "The boundaries of loss aversion". Journal of Marketing Research. 42 (2): 119–128. doi:10.1509/jmkr. JSTOR 30164009.CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (link)


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