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Metro Juanacatlán pictogram.svg Juanacatlán
STC rapid transit
Metro Juanacatlán 2018.jpg
Station on September 2018
LocationSan Miguel Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo
Mexico City
Coordinates19°24′46″N 99°10′56″W / 19.41289°N 99.182167°W / 19.41289; -99.182167Coordinates: 19°24′46″N 99°10′56″W / 19.41289°N 99.182167°W / 19.41289; -99.182167
Structure typeUnderground
Opened20 November 1970
20194,259,229[1]Decrease 1.3%
Preceding station Mexico City Metro.svg STC Following station
Tacubaya Line 1 Chapultepec
toward Pantitlán
Juanacatlán is located in Mexico City Central
Metro Juanacatlán pictogram.svg Juanacatlán
Location within Mexico City Central

Juanacatlán is a metro station on the Mexico City Metro. It is located in Mexico City's Miguel Hidalgo municipality in the San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood, and lies on Line 1 of the Metro.[2][3] In 2019 the station had an average ridership of 11,669 passengers per day, making it the least used station in Line 1.[4]

Name and pictogram[edit]

When the station opened in 1970, it was originally named for the street that was in front of the station, Juanacatlán (the name of the street changed and it is now known as Alfonso Reyes, in honor of the Mexican writer, philosopher and diplomat).[5]

The street was in turn named for Juanacatlán in the state of Jalisco. Xonacatlan, means "place of onions" (sometimes mistakenly read as meaning "place of butterflies") in Nahuatl. Therefore, the station's pictogram depicts a butterfly.[2]

General information[edit]

The station was opened on 11 April 1970.[6]

The station's building also contains the offices of the Metro workers' trade union, the windows of which depict the front of a metro train.[7][8] This station runs under Avenida Pedro Antonio de los Santos.[2] It serves the San Miguel Chapultepec and Condesa districts.[2]

From 23 April to 23 June 2020, the station was temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico.[9][10]


Annual passenger ridership
Year Ridership Average daily Rank % Change Ref.
2019 4,259,229 11,669 143/195 -1.28% [1]
2018 4,314,756 11,821 142/195 [11]




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