Kʼinich Yoʼnal Ahk II

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Kʼinich Yoʼnal Ahk II
King of Piedras Negras
K'inich Yo'nal Ahk II.svg
Kʼinich Yoʼnal Ahk II's glyph
ReignJanuary 2, 687 - 729
PredecessorItzam Kʼan Ahk I
SuccessorItzam Kʼan Ahk II
BornDecember 29, 664
ConsortLady K'atun Ajaw of Namaan
FatherItzam Kʼan Ahk I
MotherLady White Bird
ReligionMaya religion
For his grandfather, see Kʼinich Yoʼnal Ahk I.

Kʼinich Yoʼnal Ahk II (born December 29, 664), also known as Ruler 3, was a king of Piedras Negras, Maya city in Guatemala. He reigned from January 2, 687 until 729.

He had many monuments.



Stela 1 is Kʼinich Yoʼnal Ahk II's monument.
Stela 6 was erected by Kʼinich Yoʼnal Ahk II.

He was born on December 29, 664. His father and mother were Itzam Kʼan Ahk I and Lady White Bird. He was a grandson and namesake of Kʼinich Yoʼnal Ahk I, and his grandmother was Lady Bird Headdress.

His pre-regnal name was Kooj - "Puma". Upon his accession, he took as his regnal name that of his grandfather.


Before his accession, he married Lady K'atun Ajaw of Namaan. Their daughter was Lady Huntan Ahk.

Yoʼnal Ahk displayed a proper reverence for his father by commemorating the twenty-year anniversary of his burial with a burning ritual. Like his father, he reigned for over forty years. He captured a sajal of Itzamnaaj Bʼalam III in 726.

It seems that Yoʼnal Ahk married one more woman, possibly the one of Palenque. He must have died soon thereafter.


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