Kaalong language

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Native toCameroon
Ethnicity50,000 (no date)[1]
Native speakers
(<300 cited 1979)[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3dii

Kaalong (Kàlòng) also known as Dimbong (Mbong), is an almost extinct Bantu language from the Center Province of Southern Cameroon.[5]

The language is commonly defined as some combination of seven sub-varieties: Maja, Zakan, Tingong, Mbong, Ripe (or Bapé), Kpa (or Bafia), and Ti'bea (or Djanti), however linguists have not reached a single consensus on what languages are and not distinct from Kaalong.[6]

Many Kaalong speakers have shifted to the similar yet arguably distinct Bafia language.[7]


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