Ka'apor language

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Native toBrazil
Ethnicity990 Kaapor (2006)[1]
Native speakers
800 (2006)[1]
Latin script
Language codes
ISO 639-3urb

Kaapor (Ka’apor, Kaaporté), also known as "Urubú," "Caapor" or Urubú-Kaapor, is a Tupi–Guarani language spoken as a primary language only by the Ka'apor people of French Guiana and Brazil. The language is spoken as a second language by member non-Ka'apor ethnic groups, including Tembé. [3][4]

The language is historically most closely related to the Wayãpi language, however the two languages are currently mutually unintelligible.

There is a high incidence of congenital deafness among the Kaapor people, most of whom grow up bilingual in Urubu-Kaapor Sign Language, which may be indigenous to them.


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