Kafr Sousa

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Kafar Souseh

كَفْر سُوسَة
Kafersouseh on the District map of Damascus
Kafersouseh on the District map of Damascus
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Kafar Souseh is located in Damascus
Kafar Souseh
Kafar Souseh
Location in Damascus
Kafar Souseh is located in Syria
Kafar Souseh
Kafar Souseh
Kafar Souseh (Syria)
Coordinates: 33°29′54″N 36°16′38″E / 33.49833°N 36.27722°E / 33.49833; 36.27722Coordinates: 33°29′54″N 36°16′38″E / 33.49833°N 36.27722°E / 33.49833; 36.27722
Country Syria
GovernoratesDamascus Governorate

Kafar Souseh (Arabic: كَفْر سُوسَة‎, romanizedKafr Sūsah) is a municipality and neighborhood of Damascus, Syria, located in the southwestern part of the capital.[1][2] It is home to the Syrian Council of Ministers and the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[2]


The neighborhood was historically an agricultural suburb of Old Damascus. The word "Kafar" (Classical Syriac: ܟܦܪ‎) means 'farm', and "Souseh" is derived from (Classical Syriac: ܣܘܣܝܐ‎, romanized: Sūsyā) which means 'horse', hence, the name collectively means 'Horse farm'.

Today it is one of the most affluent and modern neighborhoods in the city. It includes various styles of villas, apartment buildings, and condominiums. The neighborhood still has some farms and an old farmers market, as well as two shopping malls and several government/official buildings including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is also in proximity to the original neighborhoods of Old Damascus.

Senior Hezbollah figure Imad Mughniyah was assassinated in the neighborhood in 2008.[3]

The neighborhood participated in the 2011 protests of the Syrian uprising. In 2011, two co-ordinated bombings killed 44 and injured 166 residents.[4]

A park in honor of North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung opened in 2015.[5]



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