Kaneda Castle

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Kaneda Castle
Tsushima, Nagasaki, Japan
Kanata Castle, Ichii-no-Kido, haridashi-1.jpg
Stone wall of Kaneda Castle ruins
Coordinates34°18′03″N 129°16′25″E / 34.3007°N 129.2736°E / 34.3007; 129.2736Coordinates: 34°18′03″N 129°16′25″E / 34.3007°N 129.2736°E / 34.3007; 129.2736
TypeKorean-style fortress
Site information
Controlled byYamato court
Site history
Built byYamato court
In useUnknown

Kaneda Castle (金田城, Kaneda-jō) was a Korean-style fortress located inTsuhshima, Nagasaki prefecture. Kaneda castle has been designated as being of national special significance.[1]


Kaneda Castle was built by Yamato court. Following the defeat of Yamato Japan in the 663 battle of Hakusukinoe by an alliance of Tang China and the Silla, Emperor Tenji ordered the construction of defenses against a possible invasion of them.[2][3]

The castle was listed as one of the Continued Top 100 Japanese Castles in 2017.[4]

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