Kara Dag Mountain

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Kara Dag
Highest point
Elevation577 m (1,893 ft)
CoordinatesCoordinates: 44°55′53″N 35°13′22″E / 44.9314°N 35.2228°E / 44.9314; 35.2228
Kara Dag is located in Crimea
Kara Dag
Kara Dag
Country Ukraine
Parent rangeCrimean Mountains
Age of rock172.8 ± 4.5 Ma [1]

The Kara Dag ("Black Mount") is a volcanic rock formation which rises to a height of 577 meters between the Crimean coastal town of Koktebel and the Otuzka River valley. It has been the site of a marine biological station [ru] since the early 20th century. Some 2874 ha of coastline and 809 ha of coastal waters have been protected as the Karadag Nature Reserve since 1979. The littoral is rich in picturesque cliffs such as the Devil's Gate. The best views of the Black Mount are from Koktebel and Kurortnoye.

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