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Katherine Beckett is an American sociologist known for researching the United States criminal justice system.[1] She is a professor in the University of Washington's Law, Societies & Justice Program, as well as in the Department of Sociology there. She previously taught at Indiana University.[2]


Beckett has researched racial disparities in the United States criminal justice system, such as the disproportionately high rates of drug arrests among racial minorities.[3][4] She has also researched bans imposed on individuals by public parks, finding that most people disobey them.[5] In October 2018, the Washington Supreme Court relied on a regression analysis a death row prisoner had commissioned from Beckett when it abolished the state's death penalty because of its unconstitutionally racist imposition.[6][7][8]

Other work[edit]

Beckett helped develop the Rethinking Punishment Radio Project, along with another podcast known as Cited.[9]


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