Keller Lake

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Keller Lake
Keller Lake is located in Northwest Territories
Keller Lake
Keller Lake
LocationNorthwest Territories
Coordinates63°55′37″N 121°33′32″W / 63.927°N 121.559°W / 63.927; -121.559Coordinates: 63°55′37″N 121°33′32″W / 63.927°N 121.559°W / 63.927; -121.559
Primary outflowsJohnny Hoe River
Basin countriesCanada
Max. length26 kilometers (16 mi) (N-S)
Max. width25 kilometers (16 mi) (E-W)
Surface area380 square kilometers (150 sq mi)
Surface elevation255 meters (837 ft)

Keller Lake is a surface water body in the Northwest Territories of Canada. It is located 85 kilometers (53 mi) south of the Great Bear Lake and 220 kilometers (140 mi) north of Fort Simpson, at an elevation of 255 meters (837 ft). The lake has a triangular shape, a surface area of 380 square kilometers (150 sq mi), and it empties through the Johnny Hoe River into the Great Bear Lake.

There is a salmonid population in Keller Lake.[1] On some of the plains surrounding Keller Lake, climax polygonal bogs have formed, the early successional stage to which often consists of pioneer Black Spruce.[2]

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