Khmer Khe dialect

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Khmer Khe
Native toCambodia
RegionStung Treng Province
Native speakers
? (2013)
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Khmer Khe (Khmer Khes) is a Khmeric language spoken in Stung Treng Province, Cambodia. It has an estimated lexical similarity of between 95-96% with Central Khmer.


Alternate names for Khmer Khe include Khmer Khes and Khmer Kha-ak (Khmer Khak) (Herington & Ryan 2013:5).


Khmer Khe is spoken in the following villages of Siem Pang District, Stung Treng Province, Cambodia (Herington & Ryan 2013:8).

  • Srae Sambour commune
    • Peam Khes
    • Kanhchanh Kouk / Kanhchanhkok
    • Srae Ruessei / Srae Ruessey
    • Kanhchanghterk / Kanhchanh Tuek / Kanhchangterk
    • Ket Mooeng / Ket Moeung
  • Preak Meas commune
    • Khes Kraom
    • Khes Svay
    • Pong Kriel / Pongkriel
    • Tuol Kruos (part of Pong Kriel)
    • Kham Pouk
  • Thma Keo commune
    • Nhang Sum / Nheang Sum
    • Mak Phoeung (part of Nhang Sum)
  • Khe Thom village (location unknown)

Bahnaric languages are spoken to the east of the Khmer Khe area, and Kuy, a Katuic language, is spoken to the west.