King of the Pippins

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'King of the Pippins'
Cross section of King of the Pippins, National Fruit Collection (acc. 1972-030).jpg
SpeciesM. domestica
Cultivar'King of the Pippins'
Origin France
'King of the Pippins' in Deutsche Pomologie

King of the Pippins or Reine des Reinettes[1][2][3] (French) is an old cultivar of domesticated apple originating from France, and is still used in its original form as well as in many derivative cultivars that have been bred from it.[4] It was also formerly known as Golden Winter Pearmain,[1] because of its ripening period at late fall.[2]

Unlike most apple cultivars it is slightly self-fertile.[3]

It earned the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society in 1993.[5]

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