Kiskatinaw Provincial Park

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Kiskatinaw Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada.


Kiskatinaw Bridge

The park is located along the banks of the Kiskatinaw River on the original Alaska Highway, near a historic wooden curved trestle bridge. Contracted by a Canadian company during the Second World War, construction of this engineering marvel took nine months to complete. It is the only curved, banked trestle bridge remaining in Western Canada[citation needed].

The park was established May 1, 1962.


The park is forested with balsam poplar, white spruce and trembling aspen. Moose and deer may be viewed around the campsite. Squirrels, chipmunks and various songbirds are more common visitors.


The following recreational activities are available: vehicle accessible camping and swimming. The primary purpose of the park is to provide weekend recreational opportunities for local residents. The secondary purpose of the park is the provide a stopover point for tourists travelling the Alaska Highway.


Located 28 kilometres north of Dawson Creek, British Columbia.


54 hectares in size.

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Coordinates: 55°58′N 120°34′W / 55.96°N 120.56°W / 55.96; -120.56