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The first rigid model of Retinette (Model 022) introduced in 1954. Lens is Schneider Kreuznach Reomar and the shutter is Compur–Rapid. Leather carrying case was included with the camera. A 29.5 mm skylight filter is attached to the lens. The lever on the left of the lens at 9 o' clock is the self-timer actuator. Construction of the body is all-metal, including the film advance lever at the bottom. The lens mounting plate is rectangular

Kodak Retinette is the name of a classic series of cameras manufactured by the Eastman Kodak company. They were introduced in 1939 as a less expensive alternative to the Kodak Retina series.[1] The first models were of the folding type using bellows and their lenses had three elements as compared to the four element Tessar lenses (Greek: Tessera meaning four) of the Retina series.[2] The first non-folding (rigid) variant was introduced in 1954 with the model 022.[2] They most often featured Schneider Kreuznach Reomar lenses but, sometimes, Rodenstock Reomar lenses were installed.[2][3] The Rodenstock lenses were based on the original Schneider Kreuznach triplet (three optical element) design.[3] Kodak Anastigmat Angénieux lenses were also used especially for the French market.[4] Common shutters included Compur–Rapid as well as various Pronto, Vero and Kodak models.[2][5]



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