Kullihoma Grounds

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Kullihoma Grounds
Kullihoma Grounds is located in Oklahoma
Kullihoma Grounds
Location within Oklahoma
Location13078 CR 3680, Allen, OK, 74825
Coordinates34°42′39.983″N 96°24′21.461″W / 34.71110639°N 96.40596139°W / 34.71110639; -96.40596139Coordinates: 34°42′39.983″N 96°24′21.461″W / 34.71110639°N 96.40596139°W / 34.71110639; -96.40596139
Stickball tournament at Kullihoma Grounds

Kullihoma Grounds consists of 1,500 acres (6,100,000 m2) owned by the Chickasaw Nation, located 10 miles (16 km) east of Ada, Oklahoma. The land was purchased in 1936, and the Chickasaw built replicas of historic tribal dwellings on the site and uses it as a stomp ground. Historically, Chickasaw housing consisted of summer and winter houses and corn cribs. The tribe also built a circular council house on the site.

From Indian Removal to 1936, Chickasaw people held conducted an annual Green Corn Ceremony on this land.[1][2]

Choctaw and Chickasaw people use the ground for cultural celebrations, such as stomp dances, stick ball tournaments, and the annual Chikasha Ittafama, or Chickasaw Reunion.[3] [a] The game of chunkey, which had been played by Eastern Woodlands tribes and Plains tribes long before European and African contract, was reintroduced at the Chickasaw Reunion.[4]

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  1. ^ The reunion is also open to the public and features cornstalk shoot competitions, horseshoes, chunkey, art and cultural demonstrations. It is scheduled in early May.[3]


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