La mirada interior

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Andorra "La Mirada Interior"
Marian van de Wal-La mirada interior.jpg
Eurovision Song Contest 2005 entry
Rafael Artesero
Rafael Artesero,
Daniel Aragay,
Rafa Fernández
Finals performance
Semi-final result
Semi-final points
Entry chronology
◄ "Jugarem a estimar-nos" (2004)   
"Sense tu" (2006) ►

"La Mirada Interior" ("The Inner Glance") was the Andorran entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, performed in Catalan by Marian van de Wal. As Andorra's previous entry had not finished in the top ten, the song was performed in the semi-final.

The composers are Rafael Artesero, Daniel Aragay & Rafael Fernández.

The song was performed 18th on the night, following the Macedonia's Martin Vučić with "Make My Day" and preceding Switzerland's Vanilla Ninja with "Cool Vibes". At the close of voting, it had received 27 points, thus ending in 23rd place and forcing Andorra to qualify from the semi-final in the 2006 contest.

The song itself deals with the need to find one's own beauty before one can find it in the wider world - hence the need for "the inner look" of the title. Backsing singer was at the performance Anabel Conde.

An English version of the song was also produced, titled "A Look Inside Yourself", with much the same theme.

The song was succeeded as Andorran entry at the 2006 contest by Jenny with "Sense tu".