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Lansing Public School District

United States
District information
GradesPre K-12
SuperintendentYvonne Caamal Canul
BudgetUS$ 176,017,675 (2011-12)
Students and staff
Students11,695 (2014-15)
Other information
Number of Schools27

The Lansing Public School District is the urban public school district covering 52 square miles including the city of Lansing, Michigan, part of the city of East Lansing, and parts of the townships of Delta, DeWitt, Lansing, and Watertown.


Public school in Lansing began in May 1847. Between 1847 and 1851, three separate school districts occupied the then-small city. The districts were consolidated into a single school district in 1861 as required by the new city charter. On May 3, 2016, the voters of Lansing approved a $120 million dollar bond proposal called the Lansing Pathway Promise that will provide building infrastructure upgrades, technology improvements and security improvements to all school buildings.[1]


J.W. Sexton High School, Westside Lansing
Eastern High School, Eastside Lansing
Everett High School, Southside Lansing

High schools[edit]

Middle Years[edit]

  • Attwood
  • Pattengill
  • Lewton Spanish Immersion/Global Studies Magnet School
  • Mt. Hope STEAM Magnet School
  • Sheridan Road STEM Magnet School

Early Learning[edit]

  • Averill Spanish Immersion
  • Cavanaugh STEAM Magnet School
  • Cumberland
  • Fairview STEM Magnet School
  • Forest View
  • Gier Park
  • Kendon
  • Lyons
  • Reo
  • Vivian Riddle
  • Willow


Speciality Schools[edit]

  • North
  • Beekman Center
  • Post Oak International Baccalaureate/Chinese Immersion


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