Las Salinas

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Las Salinas
Las Salinas is located in the Dominican Republic
Las Salinas
Las Salinas
Coordinates: 18°16′12″N 71°19′12″W / 18.27000°N 71.32000°W / 18.27000; -71.32000Coordinates: 18°16′12″N 71°19′12″W / 18.27000°N 71.32000°W / 18.27000; -71.32000
CountryDominican Republic
 • Total123.47 km2 (47.67 sq mi)
 • Total5,956
 • Density48/km2 (120/sq mi)

Las Salinas is a town in the Barahona province of the Dominican Republic.[1]


Las Salinas is notable for having a number of children in the village with a rare 5-alpha-reductase deficiency. Although having a Y-chromosome and male internal organs, at birth they tend to appear externally female and are raised as girls. Around puberty, the onset of male hormones causes virilization and their actual sex becomes apparent. At this point, they switch genders and are raised as boys. This is a common enough occurrence that it does not cause much concern among the townspeople, who are accustomed to it. These boys are called "guevedoces" from a combined slang form meaning "eggs (testes) at twelve".[2]


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