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Coat of arms of Llodio
New town hall

Laudio/Llodio is a town and municipality located in the province of Álava, in the Basque Country, northern Spain. Laudio is the name in Basque language and Llodio in Spanish; both are used indistinctly.

Geography and Demography[edit]

Llodio is an important industrial center located at 50 km NW from the provincial capital of Vitoria and at 20 km SE from Bilbao. It is the second municipality of Álava, in population. The municipality has an area of 37,56 km² and a population (2005) of 18,633 (9,288 male, 9,345 female).

Its geographical coordinates are:

  • Latitude: 43º09’4’’ N
  • Longitude: 2º57’22’’ W
  • Altitude: Minimum: 130 m, Maximum: 782 m.

Elections and local administration[edit]

Municipal election[edit]

Since the 2011 Municipal elections the Mayor of Llodio is Mr. Natxo Urkixo Orueta (Bildu). The Coalition Bildu has 6 municipal councillors on Llodio Town Council, the Basque Nationalist Party PNV/EAJ also has 6, the Socialist Party of the Basque Country–Basque Country Left has 2 as does the People's Party (Spain). The local group Omnia takes the final seat.

General election[edit]

The results of the 2004 Spanish General Election in Llodio were as follows:


The town has a local athletics club, Club de Atletismo de Laudio, which has its own track and field stadium (the Estadio Ellakuri). The club has hosted the Cross Internacional Valle de Llodio, an annual international cross country running event, since 1985.[1]


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Coordinates: 43°09′N 2°58′W / 43.150°N 2.967°W / 43.150; -2.967