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Layal Abboud
Layal Abboud - Plaza Palace Ceremony - Beirut - July 2015 - Lebanon 15 (Cropped).jpg
Abboud in Tabarja, July 2015
Pronunciationlayāl ˈabˈboud
Layal Mounir Abboud
ليال منير عبود

(1982-05-15) May 15, 1982 (age 38)
Other namesLayal Mounir Abboud
EducationEnglish literature, translation, musical expression
Alma materLebanese University, BAU, AUST
  • Singer
  • sound-lyric poet
  • dancer Police officer (Winding up on 2005)
Known for
TitleBeauteous of Arab Songstresses
(Arabic: جميلة المطربات العرب‎) by 2016 Miss Arab World
(m. 1998; div. 2009)
  • Honorary Award by LAF (2010-11-15-16)
Musical career
Years active2007–present
LabelsAya Production (2007–2010)
Layal Production (2010–current)
Lola's World (2017–current)
Associated acts
  • Adnan Ismail
  • Melhem Barakat
  • Hisham El Hajj
  • Sobhi Toufic
  • Amir Yazbek
  • Hussein Al Deek

Layal Mounir Abboud (Arabic: ليال منير عبود‎, pronounced [laj'ja:l ʕab'bu:d] (About this soundlisten); born 15 May 1982) is a Lebanese pop singer, folk music entertainer, sound-lyric poet, concert dancer, fit model and Muslim humanitarian.[1][2][3]

Born to a musical family in the Southern Lebanese Tyrian village of Kniseh, Abboud is a former ISF officer and studied English literature at Lebanese University, translation at Beirut Arab University and musical expression at the American University of Science and Technology. She appeared for the first time in the Studio El-Fan series debuts as a South Lebanese competitor from 2001–02. Abboud's musical career flourished with the release of her first album Fi Shouq (Arabic: في شوق‎: on longing) published in late 2007.[4] Sings in different Arabic dialects, famous for her presentation of Lebanese folklore music and internal summer concerts and tours.[5] Abboud is a singer member in the Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon.[6]


Early life and education[edit]

Layal Abboud was born into a large Muslim family on May 15, 1982 in the southern village of Kanisah in Lebanon's Tyre District. Abboud's father and mother, named Mounir and Maryam, had three brothers and six sisters between them. As a child Abboud started singing and dancing and was a fan of Egyptian pop singer Amr Diab.[1][7] Her father encouraged her and bought her a violin while she was six years old.[8] Starting at age 14 she worked as a private tutor for more than 13 students.[9][10][11] Abboud studied English literature at the Lebanese University and translation in Beirut Arab University, graduating with a master's degree.[12] She went on to study music at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of music for two years.[13]

Abboud served as an officer for the Lebanese Police Force, working security for two years in the Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport's Inspection Department.[14][15]

Musical career[edit]

Abboud appeared on TV for the first time on the hit show Studio El-Fan as a competitor for its 2001–02 season.[13] She sang at various Beirut cafés and restaurants, eventually networking with musicians like Richard Najm, Tony Abi Karam, and Salim Salameh.[16] Abboud went on to study music under Richard Najm, and in 2006 became a multi-instrumentalist skilled in the oud, organ and guitar.[13][17] Her first album, Fi Shouq (Arabic: في شوق‎: On Longing) was released in late 2007.[4] In an interview with Egyptian media about her penchant to music, Abboud has stated, "Music is my life!"[1]

Abboud's inspirations include Ammar El Sherei, Baligh Hamdi[1] and Sabah[18] whom Abboud called the "ideal of my art career."[19] In July 2014 Abboud also said that she is "very much drawn to French musicians, possibly because I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic."[1]

In addition to being a singer and musician, Abboud is also a poet and composer, though says that she refrains from publishing her poetry or compositions in order to focus on her musical career as advised by her manager Dory Shehade.[20]

Business and fashion[edit]

Layal Abboud dressed by Akel Fakih, performing for Eid al-Fitr ceremony, Beirut; July 18, 2015.

In 2014 Abboud called Akel Fakih "the mastermind" behind the way she dresses in her professional, social, and daily life. In 2015 Akel Fakih said he works with Layal Abboud "in a very distinctive and upscale way, going on to say that, "there is a chemistry that brings me together in fashion. She trusts my opinion and tastes, and this is one of the reasons why Layal chose me in her concerts."[21] Abboud has elaborated on her fashion team, saying, "Elie Samaan does my hair and makeup; my stylist is Serene Assaad, and my photographer is Hussein Salman."[22][23][1]
On 12 October 2017, She appeared publicly for the first as a fit and fashion model dressed and designed by Akl Fakih, in Design & Brands Event held at the Four Seasons Hotel of Beirut.[24]
Abboud is founder of Amman-based wedding planning company Loulou Secret.[12] She also runs Layal Productions for her music.[13]

Media issues[edit]

Sometimes called a seductive artist and femme fatale by Al Akhbar and other critics,[25][26][27] Abboud appeared on the program Bala Teshfir on the Al Jadeed network in 2015, stating, "Being bold is not seduction".[28][29] She believes there is a bias against her and said, "I am a normal artist and contemporary with fashion."[30]

In 2016 counterfeit images were published attributed to Abboud's likeness. She appointed attorney Haitham Tarshishi to file a lawsuit against "all those involved in the forgery of a picture attributed to her through social media sites, accompanied by words beyond the limits of fitness."[31] In August 2016 the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation reported that a suspect had been arrested.[32]

In April 2017 as a guest on the LBCI satirical program La-hon Wa-bas hosted by Hicham Haddad, Abboud condemned an issue of Nadine Magazine for its depiction of her chest and face shape with the words, "Bigger than this chest" emblazoned on its cover, based on her quote while she used Arabic word of ṣadr which can be an invocation for conscience and heart.[33] She accused the magazine of trying to increase readership by dumbing down and oversimplifying its content.[22][34] Earlier in Jun 26, 2017 strongly criticized yellow-pens of Lebanese music journalists.[20]

Personal life[edit]

Moved to Beirut in 2009.[20] Abboud cares about her physical health and elegance.[22][35] In June 2017 she publicly confirmed that she had undergone rhinoplasty, but that the rest of her features were not the result of plastic surgery, stating, "The secret of my beauty is sport".[36][37] She is an advocate for a public smoking ban for Lebanon, saying, "Smoking and non-smoking areas must be allocated".[38] Having had an interest in sport and horseback riding since childhood, Abboud has four horses, which she keeps in the village of Tanbourit in Lebanon's Sidon District. Their names are Rim, Loulou, Khaybar (named after Khaibar-1 ) and Layal (named after her given name).[39][22]

Abboud is a practising Muslim.[40] She fasts and abstains from performing during Ramadan, and holds the pre-dawn and post-sunset meals of Suhur and Iftar with her family.[41][12][18][42] Involved in philanthropic activities [43] and has described herself as an "abnormal generous person."[20]

On Mid-January 2018 her home was burglarized and robbed of Jewelry and Cash, estimated at about 100,000 US $ by her assistant.[44]

Marriage and family[edit]

Abboud married at the age of sixteen in 1998[20] and gave birth to her only son, Jad, in 2004.[45] She eventually divorced her husband, later describing the marriage as "very formal," adding, "My early marriage was the result of a love story. I am a romantic and dreamy woman." In June 2017 she said, "By respect among us, we divorced and I chose my career in art."[22][10]

In August 2017 Abboud spoke about her relation with a Lebanese diplomat, saying that it had ended because of their divergent career paths.[46] On May 5, 2015 said there is a new love story in her life.[47]

About her relationship with her family, on June 15, 2017 said she was very much related to her father Mounir when lived between her family. But later when she grew up and had a son "who realized her mother's value", presented a song and gifted it to her mother, Maryam, which caused to her parent's return from staying in Saudi Arabia to Lebanon and decided to live close to each other.[48]


Layal performing in Maimes Festival, Nabatieh Governorate on August 8, 2017.

Studio albums[edit]

Non-album singles[edit]

  • 2007: Winni Ya Winn
  • 2007: Albi Yamma
  • 2007: Tshoobi
  • 2007: Abouya 2alli
  • 2007: Aam Bihlamak
  • 2007: Hawasi Kella
  • 2007: Fi Shoo'
  • 2008: Wad Al Hetta
  • 2009: Shid El Jaroufe
  • 2009: Bjnoun
  • 2010: Lazem Taaraf
  • 2010: BIBI
  • 2010: Ahla Zaffe
  • 2010: Dinyi Wlad
  • 2010: Ma B3eesh
  • 2010: Ya Tayr El Tayer
  • 2012: Ya Ana Ya Ana
  • 2013: Khashkhash hadid El Mohra
  • 2014: Khaliha Bi Albi Tijrah



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