Ledri Vula

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Ledri Vula
Born (1986-07-10) 10 July 1986 (age 34)
Pristina, Kosovo
  • Rapper
  • singer
  • songwriter
Years active2005–present
Associated actsNoizy, Skillz

Ledri Vula (Albanian pronunciation: [lɛdɾi vula]; born 10 July 1986), known professionally as Ledri, is a Kosovo-Albanian rapper singer and songwriter e bono.[1][2]



Ledri Vula was born on 10 July 1986 into an Albanian family in the city of Pristina, then part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, present Kosovo. His parents are Agron Vula, a television producer, and Xheraldina Vula who has roots back to Ulcinj, Montenegro, a journalist and television personality.[3] In 2005, the rapper rose to prominence as one of the member of the hip hop duo Skillz.[4] In 2012, the rise of his own stardom eventually led to the dissolution of the duo.[5] In 2014, Vula launched his solo career starting off in December that year with the release of his debut single "100 Probleme".[6]

In 2016, he won the My Music Hit of the Year Award at the Top Music Awards 2016. In 2019, he performed at the Sunny Hill Festival in Pristina sharing a stage with other acclaimed artists such as Calvin Harris, Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa.[7][8]


In January 2020, Vula announced his debut studio album, 10/10, to be released later that year.[9] In February 2020, he premiered his follow-up singles "Piano Rap" and "Prej Inati",[10][11] whereas during the summer he premiered two other songs where both of them where features, the first one was "DMP[12]" featuring Capital T, and "Aman[13]" featuring Lumi B & Dafina Zeqiri.


  • 10/10 (2020)


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