Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia

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Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia

Законодательное собрание Республики Карелия (Russian)
Coat of arms or logo
Elissan Shandalovich
Last election
18 September 2016
Meeting place
Petrozavodsk 06-2017 img71 Karelian Parliament building.jpg

The Legislative Assembly (Russian: Законода́тельное Собра́ние Респу́блики Каре́лия, tr. Zakonodátelʹnoye Sobrániye Respúbliki Karéliya) is the regional parliament of the Republic of Karelia, Russia. It has 36 deputies.

During 1994-2002, it was divided into two chambers: The Chamber of Representatives of the Legislative Assembly and the Chamber of the Republic of the Legislative Assembly.[1]

The Chairman of the Assembly is Elissan Shandalovich (United Russia). He succeeded Vladimir Semenov (United Russia)[2]


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