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Linda Maria Koldau (born October 28, 1971) is a German musicologist and Chair of Musicology and Cultural History (formerly Knud Jeppesen's Chair of Musicology) at Aarhus University in Denmark. She represents an interdisciplinary, cultural historical approach to musicology that focuses on the relation between music and social context, based on comprehensive source studies and musical analysis.


Born in Munich, Linda Maria Koldau studied Musicology, American Literature, and Italian Literature at Reading University in England and Mainz University in Germany. In 2000 she finished her PhD at Bonn University with a thesis on the Venetian sacred music by Claudio Monteverdi. In 2005 she received her "Habilitation" at Frankfurt University with a handbook on women in the musical culture of the Early Modern Period. In 2006-2008 she was chair of Musicology and director of the Institute of Musicology at Frankfurt University; in 2009 she was appointed Chair of Musicology and Cultural History at Aarhus University. She is member of several international research groups and interdisciplinary networks and has published widely in several fields of musicology and cultural history. Besides her academic work, she worked as a freelance cultural journalist for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in the period 1992-2002; since 1995 she has been author of radio programs for various German channels.

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