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Geronimo Stilton (also known as The New Adventures of Geronimo Stilton in season 3[1][2]) is an animated children's television series based on the book series of the same name. The series debuted on Rai 2 in Italy on September 15, 2009.[3]


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
126September 15, 2009 (2009-09-15)March 18, 2010 (2010-03-18)
226October 24, 2011 (2011-10-24)April 16, 2012 (2012-04-16)
326October 8, 2016 (2016-10-08)February 28, 2017 (2017-02-28)


Season 1[edit]

No.TitleDirected byWritten byStoryboard byOriginal air dateProd.
1"Operation Shufongfong"Guy VasilovichJulien Frey and Vincent BonjourPier Di Già and Lisa ArioliSeptember 15, 2009 (2009-09-15)[3]TBA
A couple of Shufongfong lizards, an extremely rare breed has been kidnapped on their way to the Mouse Museum. Geronimo thinks that there is a link between this disappearance and the visit of Prince Nogouda. His doubts lead our heroes to the heart of the Bandel jungle and they find that Prince Nogouda keeps more animals than just lizards in his collection.
2"It's MY Scoop"Guy VasilovichTom Mason and Dan DankoPier Di Già and Patrizia NasiSeptember 16, 2009 (2009-09-16)TBA
Geronimo cannot avoid remarking that despite all his efforts to avoid leaks, his competitor for The Rodent's Gazette, Sally, at the Daily Rat, scoops his stories regularly. When he is invited to the 100-year anniversary of Sourisia, he forgets to destroy his notes before giving them to his pupil for disposal.
3"Stop Acting Around"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo is invited by an old filmmaker friend to visit the set where he is making an action film. Convinced that he could draw an interesting article he brings his whole team but a series of unpleasant events disrupt the move shoot. We learn later that the star was the one disrupting the shooting because he had discovered gold in the mine and tried to keep everything distracted so he could take the precious metal.
4"The Mummy with No Name"[note 1]Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Something strange happens at the Mouse Museum. It is said that a mummy walks in the evening and sometimes even in broad daylight, which scares the visitors. Certain of finding a logical explanation, Geronimo agrees to dedicate an article that will prove that there is no mummy. But it does exist and our reporter will soon discover that she hides a thief named Shadow.
5"Barry the Mouse-tache"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Sally, the owner of the daily La Gazette du Rat, wants to publish a sensational new story in her newspaper. She therefore invents a story about Barry the Mustache, a well-known gangster. She hopes that Geronimo will fall into the trap, and that, unable to resist stealing the story, he will make himself ridiculous. But the two journalists find themselves in very awkward position when the real Barry the Mustache presents himself in person!
6"Paws Off, Cheddarface!"[note 1]Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo seems to have demonstrated strange behaviour and is accused of misdeeds that he is quite sure of not having committed. Our heroes investigate and catch someone! They find out that Sally has hired a Geronimo look-alike to defame the reputation of her enemy. To defeat their plans, Geronimo decides to beat her at her own game.
7"Going Down to Chinatown"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo receives an envelope posted forty years ago. It contains an incomplete plan accompanied by very mysterious instructions. Using the plan, Geronimo and his friends set off in search of the true recipient of the letter. Believing that they will end in a fabulous treasure, they thus traverse half the planet.
8"Hypno-Tick Tock"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo having worked to excess, needs to rest. Trap talks to him about a specialist who hypnotizes people to help them relax. This is how Geronimo will meet the flamboyant Ratswami. Shortly afterwards, Mouse City is touched by a crime wave while our favourite journalist is as tired as ever. Everything is explained when we realize that by posthypnotic suggestion from Ratswami, Geronimo, without his knowledge, built a huge hypnotism device in the middle of the city that allows this swindler to carry out control of the entire population.
9"Mask of the Rat-Jitsu"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo receives a very surprising invitation. He is invited to a martial arts championship. Once there, Geronimo and his friends make a strange discovery: after each game, the winner disappears without a trace! Could it be that the mysterious competitors’ equipment masks of rat-jitsu are there for something?
10"Blackrat's Treasure"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Some say that Geronimo is on the brink of professional exhaustion, Ben and Trap invent a story to keep him away from his work. They pretend that a seafaring monster is sowing terror in the port of Sourisia. Geronimo intends to prove to his nephew and his cousin that such monsters do not exist. But Captain Ranois, a pirate without scruple, captures our heroes because he needs a crew to go in search of a missing treasure.
11"Intrigue on the Rodent Express"Guy VasilovichEarl KressTBATBATBA
The great Sourishi, a person who lives in isolation, will grant an interview to exceptional people wishing to meet him. Geronimo and his friends take Rodent-Express, the only means of transport to reach the high mountains in which the Sourishi has retired. But during the journey, we see the disappearance of Pandora. Our heroes are busy solving the mystery. Not easy when all passengers become suspects!
12"Mouse House of the Future"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo is too busy to regulate all the details of his daily life, and does not take care of his house. Ben suggests that he hire a maid. Professor Minmolet, answers the advertisement. He proposes Geronimo fully automate his house and procure a robot valet who will answer all his needs. Geronimo is not very convinced, but he agrees. He will learn that technology does not always make life easier.
13"Reported Missing"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
The Musee de Sourisia is constantly haunted by African spirits. Wanting to make a report on this exhibit, Geronimo starts a journey in Africa with his friends. He wanted to discover the secret surrounding the disappearance of an adventurer who volatilized a site there long ago and whose traces have never been found.
14"The Gem Gang"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
World renowned chess champion Gary Gouvov has to face a super-computer. This is the chess tournament of a lifetime! Fortunately for Geronimo, things are rather calm in Mouse City. He can therefore afford to attend the event. During his absence, the Diamond Gang comes to perpetrate a series of crimes and Ben and Thea find themselves alone to investigate these crimes.
15"Clean Sweep"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
While Mouse City is affected by a wave of spectacular burglaries, Thea remains untraceable. It does not take more so that Sally will immediately put suspicion on her. Geronimo inquiry. Helped by Trap and Ben, he quickly discovers that the real culprit is none other than Prince Nogouda, an old acquaintance, and that the latter has been in search of a princess.
16"Mr. and Mrs. Matched"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Thea finds it unfortunate that her older brother living a bachelor's life and decides to sign him up for a dating agency. But is it a good idea?
17"Top Model Thea"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Under the seal of confidence, Geronimo is made aware of the latest news in the field of fashion by a renowned fashion designer. But Sally also tries to break the secret and uses the lowest means to get it first. Geronimo will have to fight to defend his reputation.
18"Attack of the Killer Whale"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo and his friends agreed to help Professor Ranobel in his research on the melting of the ice cap. So they embarked for the Arctic. But the crossing is far from being as calm as their ship is attacked by one of the most terrible creatures of the ocean.
19"Cheese Connection"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
All the cheese of Sourisia seems to be volatilized. Even the one we kept for emergencies! Geronimo is looking for a good shot. He finds himself not only in the heart of the cheese mystery, but face to face with a formidable criminal.
20"Starring Geronimo"Guy VasilovichMaud Loisillier and Diane MorelDavide VecaTBA121[4]
When the theater of Sourisia struggles to keep afloat, Geronimo agrees to write a long article on his most recent show. But strange events that occur in the vicinity of the theater threaten the production.
21"Rules of the Game"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Benjamin and Pandora are invited to test a new video game platform. They quickly discover facts that they are then taken prisoner by the owner of the enterprise. Geronimo, Trap and Thea rush to their rescue. But they too will have to fight for their lives.
22"The Gator Samaritan"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
A benevolent hero multiplies his good deeds in all the town of Sourisia. But Geronimo is rather skeptical before so much eagerness ... Especially when he realizes that this cinema is only the fountain to feed the newspaper of Sally.
23"The Bad Luck of Team Fromage"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
A cycling race goes through Mouse City. For some time, the cycling champion Jacques Cheese, a friend of Geronimo, accumulates bad luck. The ace of the reporters intends to get to the bottom of things so that his friend can return in the race.
24"Castle Creeps"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Mr. Nibbles, the little hamster of Pandora, escaped. With Ben, she follows in his footsteps. They arrive at the castle Beaupelage, an old residence long forgotten and home to ghosts. There are noises to be heard. Our heroes search the property. They will find much more than a simple hamster...
25"Smarty Pants"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Too busy to attend an experiment on intelligence, Geronimo delegates his cousin Trap. But a problem arises during the experiment, and Trap returns changed, so intelligent that it is really annoying. Our friends intend to bring back the old Trap, before this change becomes permanent!
26"Tea Story"Guy VasilovichTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo has just finished writing his latest book, The History of Tea, He decides to go himself to deliver his manuscript to his editor. While he is at the station, his briefcase is automatically exchanged with that of a secret agent serving a malicious government. Geronimo, who wants to recover his manuscript, embarks on a fierce pursuit that will take him to the four corners of the city.

Season 2[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byStoryboard byOriginal air dateProd.
271"Ravenrat"TBATBATBAOctober 24, 2011 (2011-10-24)TBA
Geronimo Stilton reunites with Professor Ravenrat his old mentor from his days of the university but gets a surprise of his intentions, he wants to wipe all out the information in the world for himself!
282"The Great Jellybean Adventure"TBATBATBAOctober 26, 2011 (2011-10-26)TBA
Benjamin and Trap win a trip to Egypt from a Jellybean themed contest, only to wander into a mess of trouble when they get lost in a pyramid....with an ancient curse.
A message from a long Transratania (Transylvania), telling that there are vampires on a blood feast, but as Trap suspects that it is from their distant relatives.
Geronimo Stilton is captured by pirates and is used as a hostage to an advantage of using the metamouse as a way to a sunken treasure.
315"Chips and Dips"TBATBATBATBATBA

When Benjamin helps a skater from a stalker, he ends up getting a secret recipe for a brand of potato chips, only to have Geronimo get kidnapped and forced by a business mouse Crunchrat to recreate it.

Note: For this episode, it's revealed that the Basement Monsters are now referred to as Those Guys, comprising That Guy (Pandora Woz lookalike), and That Other Guy (Benjamin Stilton lookalike).
326"Temple of the Dragon's Gasp"TBATBATBATBATBA
While on vacation in South America, the Stiltons end up in a case dealing with a fire breathing dragon, only to find that Crunchrat is actually deforest the entire Amazon....for box's.
337"The Creepy Cowboy of the Cactus Gulch"TBATBATBATBATBA
The Stiltons help the mayor of Cactus Gulch deal with a ghost of a certain old enemy of the mayor's great grandfather.
348"The Emerald Chest"TBATBATBATBATBA
Invited to Whiskeristan (Pakistan) by the new king, Liu Shi Mew, to broadcast an ancient race around the country, only to encounter a ploy not only to steal the artifacts, but also attempt to murder the new king.
359"Chauncey and the Secret Cheese"TBATBATBATBATBA
Benjamin and Pandora win a trip to Chauncey's cheese factory only to get into a mystery of the stolen cheese invention.
Geronimo suspects that the Cave Mouse is fake, which it is proven fake, but then ends up trapped in the Cenozoic Mouse World.
Trap becomes a model for a new fashion gazette, but it becomes a problem of unusual thefts in every part of the country he visits. Thea gets arrested for surfing on the beach in one of these places and becomes suspect for the thefts. Geronimo now must find the real culprit.
3812"The Mermaid Mouse"TBATBATBATBATBA

Trap falls for a mermaid that causes the ships to disappear into a whirlpool and all their belongings to vanish from them. Geronimo as usual during these circumstances tries to prove them wrong.

Note: The mermaid mouse is similar to the sirens from Greek/Roman mythology, but the singing is similar to Jodi Benson's voice tone from Disney's Little Mermaid when it was used to bait in the freighter ships. This was also one of Campbell Lane's last performances before he died of lung cancer on January 30, 2014.
Trap becomes the sole heir to the castle in Scotland, but ends up participating in a feud between two clans.
4014"The Legend of Big Toes"TBATBATBATBATBA
Big Toes (Bigfoot) is believed by Geronimo as a fake, but ends up finding more than a big footed monster but a tree that is sacred to the Algonquian mouse tribe that is endangered.
4115"The Disappearance of Nelson Napmouse"TBATBATBATBATBA
The Berguda Triangle (Bermuda Triangle) Nelson Napmouse vanishes from the world leaving Geronimo feared, but the real question is does he want to be found?
4216"Chase Trailor and the Golden Rodent"TBATBATBATBATBA
A hero of mice comes to the Stiltons to find an idol only to realize he is actually a greedy con artist, meanwhile Trap deals with a mutt.
4317"The Incredible Shrinking Stiltons"TBATBATBATBATBA
When an old enemy from the past comes to Geronimo Stilton's attention, he and his family end up getting shrunk to the size of a Pea. This is an episode Thea doesn't appear in.
A mad scientist tries to revive the most powerful creatures that lived 65 million years ago, while framing Geronimo Stilton in a diamond robbery.
The North Pole is melting away to nothing, and Trap believes it's aliens from the planet of Cheese, Geronimo uncovers another plan of Crunchrat.
4620"Dude, Where's My Shark?"TBATBATBATBATBA
A shark attacks a surfing contest, suspicions goes to a certain surfer, while Trap enters the contest in mere luck.
Two magicians blame each other for their magic tricks going wrong, but Geronimo might find a more logical explanation, meanwhile Trap tries to prove he has magic in his genes.
4822"Return to the Dojo"TBATBATBATBATBA
Crunchrat returns as the new head of the Dojo, but Geronimo has suspicions.
4923"The Fabumouse Fountain of Youth"TBATBATBATBATBA
A mysterious books comes to Pandora and Ben's attention, which might lead them into a great discovery or a wild goose chase that would ruin Geronimo's reputation.
5024"If I Could Talk to the Animals"TBATBATBATBATBA
The Professor invents a communication device and must use it to prove the animals that not all mice are like the poachers.
5125"A Brief Engagement"TBATBATBATBATBA
Their Grandfather is getting married, but they might not like the bride.
5226"Parmezani Crush"TBATBATBAApril 16, 2012 (2012-04-16)TBA
Geronimo tries to prove to a superstitious opera singer that luck has nothing to do with her lost charm. Another episode Thea is absent in, also the last episode from MoonScoop before that company was bought by EllipsAnime.

Season 3[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byStoryboard byOriginal air dateProd.
531"Van Mousling"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouJeffrey Paul KearneyLuca FernicolaOctober 8, 2016 (2016-10-08)TBA
Geronimo and his family hear of the three witches terrorizing the people in Scotland.
542"Geronimo vs the Weremouse"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo and his family have gone to Transratania to have a report about a fashion show there. At the same time, a weremouse (werewolf) is trying to frame one of their distant relatives there to think that he is the weremouse.
553"Off Road Rats"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
A famous tech company CEO's inventions gets lost in the desert due to thieves learning about through Geronimo's broadcast. Now the Stiltons must find it and battle Sally, Crunchrat, Prince Noguda and Ratswami.
564"Double Trap"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Professor von Volt invented a mouse copying device but Trap copies himself so he does not have to help out Geronimo to clean the office for inspection in 5 hours. He makes 4 copies, which has hilarious results when they try to help Geronimo.
575"The Big Sleep"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo finishes (somehow) his book in 5 days in hopes of winning the book of the year award. While he is successful, he falls into a deep sleep due to lack of sleep for the past 5 days. His family must somehow get through the day without revealing the fact the Geronimo is asleep.
586"Trade Off"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo and Sally accidentally which bodies in Von Volt's machine. Sally uses this fact to impersonate Geronimo and eventually kicks out his family from his office. Geronimo must do something about this before the change becomes permanent, and must stop Sally from selling the newspaper.
597"Bantam of the Balcony"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
A huge rooster (Bantam} is terrorizing the theater, putting it on the verge of shutdown. Geronimo, Thea, and Benjamin investigate, while Trap tries to get into a play.
608"Cheese Raker"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Thea attempts to break a record for parasailing. However, Trap crashes the metamouse into a luxury boat, whose owner generously offers them to take them to a port. However, the Stiltons soon learn that the owner is planning something horrific, he wants to destroy all the cheese in the world by using a satellite that will be launched into space!
619"Sorceress of the Bayou"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
A professor disappeared on a bayou and Geronimo and his family need to investigate. But a sorceress tries to stop their investigation.
6210"Lights in the Desert"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouJeffrey Paul KearneyFabio IdaliTBATBA
A UFO has been seen in the desert and Geronimo and his family must investigate. Meanwhile, Trap brings gifts for the aliens.
6311"Guardians of the King"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Thea is participating in a Karate Champoinship in Whiskiristan, judged by King Lu Shi Mu, Geronimo's old friend. However, the King also has a task for Geronimo, to find out why the Guardians of the King, clay statues, are coming alive.
6412"The Legend of Marzipan Island"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
A strange monster is terroring beachgoers at Marzipan Island, and Geronimo investigates.
6513"Clowning Around"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
A famous circus is in town and Geronimo goes there in hopes of a good story. However, the star attraction, Augusto the clown, has disappeared, and Geronimo must investigate.
6614"Lava or Leave Her"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Thea goes missing on a volcano about to erupt in Miceland (Iceland). Geronimo must now rescue his beloved sister.
6715"Snow Job"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
The Winter Mouse Olympics is being held and Thea is participating. However, after 4 athletes are sabotaged, suspicion goes on to Thea. Geronimo now must prove that his sister is innocent.
6816"The Sword of Mousitomo"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
The head of the Mousitomo Clan invites Geronimo to help him recover the clan's stolen sword. Meanwhile, Trap wants to become a sumo wrestler.
6917"A Tall Order"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
A giraffe running through the streets wake up the Stiltons in the middle of the night. After getting it to safety in a vet, the Stiltons must investigate how it came into the city.
7018"A Mouse on the Moon"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
All because of Trap finding cheese in a space shuttle, he, Benjamin, and Pandora were sent into the moon and Geronimo and Thea must save them. Meanwhile, he discovered another plan of Crunchrat.
7119"The False Teeth Caper"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Dentures have been stolen all over New Mouse City, and Geronimo, Grandpa Shortpaw, and Benjamin investigate while Thea helps Trap pick out a car.
7220"Virtual Vacation"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo needs to take a rest and Professor von Volt invented the computer for a virtual vacation. Meanwhile, Sally made a problem with the computer.
7321"Skateboarding Championship"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Geronimo, Thea, and Trap investigated a theft in the museum. At the same time, Benjamin and Pandora participated a skateboard racing competition.
7422"Ghost Bashers"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
A ghost busting team became famous in the city but Geronimo has suspicions about the ghosts while Thea has suspicions about the team. Meanwhile, Trap joins the team.
7523"The Mystery of Mancheco Island"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Thea is sick, while Geronimo, Trap, Sally, Simon, and a famous explorer are stranded on a mysterious island.
7624"The Mouse Sitter"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Thea is babysitting a baby for a friend. Trap decides to take care of it, while Geronimo and Thea have to deal with the fact that Sally is stealing their scoops.
7725"Lights, Camera, Action"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBATBATBA
Someone stole a film trophy and Geronimo must investigate. At the same time, he and his family are making a movie.
7826"Junior Jack"Davide Veca, Nicolas Blard, and Frédérick ChaillouTBATBAFebruary 28, 2017 (2017-02-28)TBA
A famous video game developer's video game is stolen and Geronimo must investigate. Meanwhile, Trap decided to become a spy.


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