List of rivers of New York

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This is a list of rivers in the U.S. state of New York.

By drainage basin[edit]

This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented by order of confluence with their main stem, from mouth to source.

Long Island Sound (northern side)[edit]

Long Island Sound is shown highlighted in pink between Connecticut (to the north) and Long Island (to the south).

Long Island[edit]

Long Island Sound
Block Island Sound
Atlantic Ocean

New York Harbor[edit]

New York City waterways: 1. Hudson River, 2. East River, 3. Long Island Sound, 4. Newark Bay, 5. Upper New York Bay, 6. Lower New York Bay, 7. Jamaica Bay, 8. Atlantic Ocean

Hudson River Basin[edit]

Hudson drainage basin

Delaware River Basin[edit]

Delaware drainage basin

Susquehanna River Basin[edit]

Susquehanna drainage basin

St. Lawrence River Basin[edit]

Lake Champlain[edit]

Lake Champlain drainage basin
St. Lawrence/Great Lakes drainage basin

St. Lawrence River[edit]

Lake Ontario[edit]

Black drainage basin
Oswego River drainage basin
Butternut Creek, Onondaga County
Genesee drainage basin

Lake Erie[edit]

Mississippi River Basin[edit]


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