List of Sewanee Tigers starting quarterbacks

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This is a list of every Sewanee Tigers football team quarterback and the years they participated on the Sewanee Tigers football team.

Main starting quarterbacks[edit]

1891 to 1944 (incomplete)[edit]

The following players were the predominant quarters for the Tigers following the birth of Sewanee Tigers football until the last time it played Vanderbilt.

Name Years Started Notability References
Ellwood Wilson 1891 Considered the "founder of Sewanee Tigers football" [1]
Alexander Blacklock 1892–1895 [2]
Oscar Wilder 1896–1897 [2]
Warbler Wilson 1898–1900 Luke Lea got him to Sewanee from his native South Carolina. All-Southern quarter for the "Iron Men" of the 1899 Sewanee Tigers football team. [3]
Harris G. Cope 1901 A sub on the "Iron Men." Later one of Sewanee's greatest coaches, leading it in that capacity to the 1909 SIAA title. [2]
Frank M. Osborne 1902 Previously at UNC. All-Southern; later assistant and reverend. [2]
John Scarbrough 1903–1905 All-Southern. He was a renowned punter. 2nd team All-Time Sewanee Eleven. [4]
C. Logan Eisele 1906–1907 [2]
Walter Barrett 1907 All-Southern. [2]
Chigger Browne 1908–1910 Weighed only 111 pounds. All-Southern. The quarter on the Sewanee All-Time Football Team. [5]
John Myers 1911 [2]
Frank M. Gillespie 1911 [2]
Lee Tolley 1912–1914 All-Southern. He led the Sewanee eleven to the first defeat of rival Vanderbilt since 1909. [6]
William Herring 1915–1916 [2]
Thomas Harper 1917–1920 [2]
William K. Powers 1921–1923 [2]
Bill Coughlan 1922 2nd team All-Time Sewanee Eleven. [2]
George H. Barker 1924–1925 Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. Piloted Sewanee to its last defeat of Vanderbilt. [7]
Andrew L. "Jack" Todd 1926 [2]
Harold Eustis 1935

1945 to present (incomplete)[edit]

Name Years Started Notability References
John Shoop 1988-1990 Current offensive coordinator for Purdue. [8]


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