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This is a list of inventions by people who were born in Taiwan or current citizens of Taiwan.


Bubble tea
  • Bubble tea is a drink that contains flavored tea and tapioca pearls. It was invented in the early 1980s by Taiwanese street food vendors.[1] Bubble tea vendors serve the beverage cold inside a translucent plastic cup with an oversized straw wide enough for the tapioca bubbles.[2] The drink is popular throughout Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Southeast Asia and the United States.[1]
  • Connect6 is a game similar to Gomoku invented by I-Chen Wu, a computer science professor at National Chiao Tung University. The player who obtains six or more stones in a row wins.[3]
  • A universal crossed molecular beam apparatus for studying chemical reactions was developed by the Taiwanese chemist Yuan T. Lee.[4] In 1986, Lee was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry alongside Dudley R. Herschbach and John Polanyi "for their contributions to the dynamics of chemical elementary processes."[5]
  • The integrated laptop projector was first developed and showcased by Asus, a Taiwanese computer manufacturer, in 2008. The built-in projector debuted at Computex Taipei 2008, an annual computer expo.[6] Competitors such as HP in 2010 and Fujitsu in 2011 have since released similar products.[7][8]
  • Instant noodles were invented by Go Pek-Hok, who later adopted the name Momofuku Ando when he immigrated from Taiwan to Japan. Ando created a method for deep-frying and drying noodles that could later be cooked using boiling water. He founded the Nissin Foods company, which in 1971 introduced instant noodles marketed as Cup Noodles that were packaged in Styrofoam cups.[9]
  • The optimistic concurrency control method was first proposed by Taiwanese computer scientist H. T. Kung and American John T. Robinson in 1981.[10]
  • Woodball is a sport invented by Weng Ming-hui and Kuang-chu Young in 1990. In the game, a mallet is used to pass a ball through a series of gates. The Olympic Council of Asia made the sport a program of the Asian Beach Games in 2008.[11] The International Woodball Federation is based in Taipei, Taiwan.[12]
  • Xiaoluren, the walking green man, is the animated traffic light system.
  • Floating gate transistor: In 1967, Simon Min Sze and Dawon Kahng invented the floating gate transistor, which provides the foundation for many forms of semiconductor memory devices.[13][14]
  • Discovering HAART Cocktail Therapy: Dr David Ho is a Taiwanese-American medical doctor and HIV/AIDS researcher who was born in Taiwan and has made many innovative state of the art scientific contributions to the understanding and technological treatment of HIV infection.

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