List of ambassadors of the United States to Luxembourg

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Ambassador of the United States to Luxembourg
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Randy Evans

since June 19, 2018
ResidenceDolibois House
NominatorThe President of the United States
AppointerThe President
with Senate advice and consent
Inaugural holderStanford Newel
as Envoy
WebsiteU.S. Embassy – Luxembourg

The United States Ambassador to Luxembourg oversees the U.S. Embassy in that country. He or she supervises the embassy staff in the conduct of diplomatic relations with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and coordination of the activities of U.S. Government personnel serving in Luxembourg as well as official visitors. Under the ambassador's direction, the embassy staff provides consular services, including visas for visitors to the United States and passports for United States citizens in Luxembourg.[1]

The United States has maintained diplomatic relations with Luxembourg since 1903.[2]

From 1903 to 1923 the Ambassador to the Netherlands served concurrently as Ambassador to Luxembourg.[3]

From 1923 until World War II the Ambassador to Belgium also served as Ambassador to Luxembourg.[4]

During World War II the United States maintained diplomatic relations with the Luxembourg government in exile.[5][6]

After World War II, the United States returned to appointing the Ambassador to Belgium concurrently as the Ambassador to Luxembourg.[7]

Since 1956 the United States Ambassador to Luxembourg has been appointed separately from the Ambassador to the Netherlands.[8]

This is a complete list of United States envoys and ambassadors appointed to Luxembourg since 1903:

United States Ambassadors to The Netherlands and Luxembourg[edit]

United States Ambassadors to Luxembourg government in exile[edit]

United States Ambassadors to Belgium and Luxembourg[edit]

United States Ambassadors to Luxembourg[edit]

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