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This is a list of books about the Korean War.

Campaigns and battles[edit]

  • Appleman, Roy (1992), South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu, Washington, D.C.: Center of Military History, United States Army, ISBN 0-16-035958-9
  • Appleman, Roy (1987), East of Chosin: Entrapment and Breakout in Korea, 1950, 2, College Station, TX: Texas A and M University Military History Series, ISBN 0-89096-283-9
  • Appleman, Roy (1989), Disaster in Korea: The Chinese Confront MacArthur, 11, College Station, TX: Texas A and M University Military History Series, ISBN 978-1-60344-128-5
  • Appleman, Roy (1990), Escaping the Trap: The US Army X Corps in Northeast Korea, 1950, 14, College Station, TX: Texas A and M University Military History Series, ISBN 0-89096-395-9
  • Appleman, Roy (1990), Ridgway Duels for Korea, 18, College Station, TX: Texas A and M University Military History Series, ISBN 0-89096-432-7
  • Hamburger, Kenneth E. (2003), Leadership in the Crucible : The Korean War Battles of Twin Tunnels & Chipyong-ni, College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, ISBN 1-58544-232-1
  • Hinshaw, Arned Lee (1989), Heartbreak Ridge, New York, NY: Praeger Publishers, ISBN 0-275-93217-6
  • Marshall, S.L.A. (1982), The River and the Gauntlet: Defeat of the Eighth Army by the Chinese Communist forces, November, 1950, in the Battle of the Chongchon River, Korea, Des Moines, IA: Time-Life Books, ISBN 0-8094-3845-3
  • Rowny, Edward (2013), An American Soldier's Saga of the Korean War, Washington, D.C.: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN 978-1490352411
  • Rowny, Edward (2013), Smokey Joe & the General, Washington, D.C.: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN 978-1493538423
  • Russ, Martin. Breakout: The Chosin Reservoir Campaign, Korea 1950, Penguin, 2000, 464 pages, ISBN 0-14-029259-4
  • Salmon, Andrew (2009), To the Last Round: The Epic British Stand on the Imjin River, London, UK: Aurum Press, ISBN 978-1-84513-408-2
  • Sloan, Bill (2009). The Darkest Summer: Pusan and Inchon 1950. New York, New York: Simon & Schuster. ISBN 978-1-4165-7174-2.

Combat studies[edit]

Air combat[edit]

  • Bruning, John R. (2000), Crimson Sky: The Air Battle for Korea, Riverside, NJ: Protomac Books Inc., ISBN 1-57488-841-2
  • Hallion, Richard P. The Naval Air War in Korea (1986).
  • Werrell, Kenneth P. (2005), Sabres over MiG Alley, Annapolis, MD: Naval Institution Press, ISBN 1-59114-933-9
  • Warrell, Kenneth P. "Across the Yalu: Rules of Engagement and the Communist Air Sanctuary during the Korean War." Journal of Military History 72.2 (2008): 451–76. Print.
  • Zhang, Xiao Ming (2004), Red Wings Over the Yalu: China, the Soviet Union, and the Air War in Korea, College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, ISBN 1-58544-201-1
  • Ground combat[edit]

  • Flanagan, E.M. Jr., Airborne – A Combat History Of American Airborne Forces, The Random House Publishing Group, 2002
  • Kindsvatter, Peter S. American Soldiers: Ground Combat in the World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam. U. Press of Kansas, 2003. 472 pp.
  • Mahoney, Kevin (2001), Formidable Enemies: The North Korean and Chinese Soldier in the Korean War, Novato, CA: Presidio Press, ISBN 978-0-89141-738-5
  • Marshall, S.L.A. (1988), Infantry Operations and Weapon Usage in Korea, London, UK: Greenhill Books, ISBN 0-947898-88-3
  • McMichael, Scott R. (1987), "Chapter 2: The Chinese Communist Forces in Korea" (PDF), A Historical Perspective on Light Infantry, Fort Leavenworth, KS: US Army Combined Arms Center, ISSN 0887-235X, archived from the original (PDF) on 2010-11-16 part 2
  • Rowny, Edward (2013), An American Soldier's Saga of the Korean War, Washington, D.C.: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN 978-1490352411
  • Rowny, Edward (2013), Smokey Joe & the General, Washington, D.C.: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN 978-1493538423
  • Tucker-Jones, Anthony (2012), Images of War : Armoured Warfare in the Korean War, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK: Pen & Sword Books Ltd., ISBN 978-184884-580-0
  • US IX Corps (1951), Enemy Tactics, Techniques and Doctrine Korea 1951 (PDF), Fort Leavenworth, KS: US Army Combined Arms Center, archived from the original (PDF) on 2011-07-23, retrieved 2010-07-27
  • Intelligence gathering[edit]

    • Roe, Patrick C. (2000), The Dragon Strikes, Novato, CA: Presidio, ISBN 0-89141-703-6


    • Huston, James Alvin (1989), Guns and Butter, Powder and Rice : U.S. Army Logistics in the Korean War, Selinsgrove, PA: Susquehanna University Press, ISBN 0-941664-87-2
    • Shrader, Charles R. (1995), Communist Logistics in the Korean War, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, ISBN 0-313-29509-3

    Naval combat[edit]

    • Marolda, Edward (2007), The US Navy in the Korean War, Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, ISBN 978-1-59114-487-8

    Psychological warfare[edit]

    • Pease, Stephen E. (1992), Psywar: Psychological Warfare in Korea, 1950–1953, Harrisburg, PA: Stackpole Books, ISBN 0-8117-2592-8


    • Malkasian, Carter (2002), A History of Modern Wars of Attrition, Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, ISBN 0-275-97379-4
    • Ohn, Chang-Il. "The Korean War of 1950–1953: U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and U.S. Strategy." Revue Internationale D'histoire Militaire 70 (1988): 211–41. Print.
    • Rees, David (1964). Korea: The Limited War. New York: St Martin's. OCLC 1078693.

    Unit cohesion[edit]

    • George, Alexander L. (1967), The Chinese Communist Army in Action: The War and its Aftermath, New York, NY: Columbia University Press, OCLC 284111

    Cultural impact[edit]

    • West, Philip; Levine, Steven I.; Hiltz, Jackie (1998), America's Wars in Asia: A Cultural Approach to History and Memory, Armonk, New York: M.E. Sharpe, ISBN 0-7656-0237-7
    • Zhang, Hong (2002), The Making of Urban Chinese Images of the United States, 1945–1953, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, ISBN 0-313-31001-7

    Encyclopedia and reference work[edit]

    • Brune, Lester and Robin Higham, eds., The Korean War: Handbook of the Literature and Research (Greenwood Press, 1994)
    • Ecker, Richard E. (2005), Korean Battle Chronology: Unit-by-Unit United States Casualty Figures and Medal of Honor Citations, Jefferson, NC: McFarland, ISBN 0-7864-1980-6
    • Edwards, Paul M. The A to Z of the Korean War. The Scarecrow Press, 2005. 307 pp.
    • Edwards, Paul M. The Hill Wars of the Korean Conflict : A Dictionary of Hills, Outposts and other Sites of Military Action. McFarland & Co., 2006. 267 pp.
    • Edwards, Paul M. The Korean War: a Historical Dictionary. The Scarecrow Press, 2003. 367 pp.
    • Edwards, Paul M. Korean War Almanac (2006)
    • Hu, Guang Zheng (胡光正); Ma, Shan Ying (马善营) (1987), Chinese People's Volunteer Army Order of Battle (中国人民志愿军序列) (in Chinese), Beijing: Chinese People's Liberation Army Publishing House, OCLC 298945765
    • Matray, James I. (ed.) Historical Dictionary of the Korean War. Greenwood Press, 1991. 626 pp.
    • Varhola, Michael J. (2000), Fire and Ice: The Korean War, 1950–1953, Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Press, ISBN 978-1-882810-44-4
    • Millett, Allan R, "A Reader's Guide To The Korean War" Journal of Military History (1997) Vol. 61 No. 3; p. 583+ full text in JSTOR; free online revised version
    • Millett, Allan R. "The Korean War: A 50 Year Critical Historiography," Journal of Strategic Studies 24 (March 2001), pp. 188–224. full text in Ingenta and Ebsco
    • Millett, Allan R. (2007), The Korean War: The Essential Bibliography, Dulles, VA: Potomac Books, ISBN 978-1-57488-976-5
    • Sandler, Stanley ed., The Korean War: An Encyclopedia (Garland, 1995)
    • Summers, Harry G. Korean War Almanac (1990)


  • Chang, Jung; Halliday, Jon (2005). Mao: The Unknown Story. Knopf. ISBN 0-679-42271-4.
  • James, D. Clayton The Years of MacArthur: Triumph and Disaster, 1945–1964 (1985), scholarly biography of MacArthur
  • James, D. Clayton with Anne Sharp Wells, Refighting the Last War: Command and Crises in Korea, 1950–1953 (1993)
  • Leitich, Keith. Shapers of the Great Debate on the Korean War: A Biographical Dictionary (2006) covers Americans only
  • Taaffe, Stephen R. (2016). MacArthur's Korean War Generals. Lawrence, Kansas: University Press of Kansas. ISBN 978-0-7006-2221-4.
  • Weintraub, Stanley (2001). MacArthur's War: Korea and the Undoing of an American Hero. New York, New York: Touchstone. ISBN 0-7432-0503-0.
  • Official history[edit]

    British Commonwealth[edit]

    • Farrar-Hockley, Anthony (1990), Official History: The British Part in the Korean War, Volume I, II, London, England: HMSO, ISBN 0-11-630953-9
    • McGibbon, Ian (1996), New Zealand and the Korean War. Combat Operations, Volume II, Auckland, New Zealand: Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-558343-4
    • O'Neil, Robert, Australia in the Korean War 1950–53 (2 vols). Australian War Memorial and the Australian Government Publishing Service, 1981 and 1985.
    • Wood, Herbert Fairlie (1966), Official History of the Canadian Army in Korea: Strange Battleground, Ottawa, Canada: Queen's Printer, OCLC 4199207


    • Chinese Military Science Academy (2000), History of War to Resist America and Aid Korea (抗美援朝战争史) (in Chinese), Volume I, II, III, Beijing: Chinese Military Science Academy Publishing House, ISBN 7-80137-390-1

    North Korea[edit]

    • DPRK Science Academy History Research Division (1961), The Joseon People's History of the Justice War for Fatherland Liberation (朝鲜人民正义的祖国解放战争史) (in Chinese), Pyongyang: DPRK Foreign Language Publishing House

    South Korea[edit]

    • Chae, Han Kook; Chung, Suk Kyun; Yang, Yong Cho (2001), Yang, Hee Wan; Lim, Won Hyok; Sims, Thomas Lee; Sims, Laura Marie; Kim, Chong Gu; Millett, Allan R. (eds.), The Korean War, Volume I, II, III, Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, ISBN 978-0-8032-7795-3

    United States[edit]

    Oral history, recollections and memoirs[edit]

    • Watson, Brent Byron. Far Eastern Tour: The Canadian Infantry in Korea, 1950–1953. 2002. 256 pp.
    • Wu, Ru Lin (吴瑞林) (1995), 42nd Corps During the War to Resist America and Aid Korea (抗美援朝中的第42军) (in Chinese), Beijing: Gold Wall Press, ISBN 7-80084-118-9
    • Yoo, Young-Bok (2012), Tears of Blood: A Korean POW's Fight for Freedom, Family and Justice, Los Angeles, CA: Korean War POW Affairs, ISBN 978-1479383856

    Origins, politics, diplomacy[edit]

    • Barnouin, Barbara; Yu, Changgeng (2006). Zhou Enlai: A Political Life. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press. ISBN 962-996-280-2.
    • Becker, Jasper (2005). Rogue Regime: Kim Jong Il and the Looming Threat of North Korea. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-517044-X.
    • Carpenter, William M. "The Korean War: A Strategic Perspective Thirty Years Later." Comparative Strategy 2.4 (1980): 335–53. Print.
    • Casey, Steven. Selling the Korean War: Propaganda, Politics, and Public Opinion in the United States, 1950–1953. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2008. Print.
    • Chen, Jian (1994). China's Road to the Korean War: The Making of the Sino-American Confrontation. New York: Columbia University Press. ISBN 978-0-231-10025-0.
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    • Cumings, Bruce (1997). Korea's Place in the Sun: A Modern History. WW Norton & Company. ISBN 0-393-31681-5.
    • Foot, Rosemary, "Making Known the Unknown War: Policy Analysis of the Korean Conflict in the Last Decade," Diplomatic History 15 (Summer 1991): 411–31, in JSTOR
    • Foot, Rosemary. The Wrong War: American Policy and the Dimensions of the Korean Conflict, 1950–1953. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 1985. Print.
    • Foot, Rosemary (1990), A Substitute for Victory: The Politics of Peacemaking at the Korean Armistice Talks, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, ISBN 0-8014-2413-5
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    • Kaufman, Burton I. The Korean War: Challenges in Crisis, Credibility, and Command. Temple University Press, 1986, focus is on Washington
    • Kaufman, Burton I. The Korean Conflict (Greenwood Press, 1999).
    • Kim, Yǒng-jin (1973). Major Powers and Korea. Silver Spring, MD: Research Institute on Korean Affairs. OCLC 251811671.
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    • Millett, Allan R. The War for Korea, 1945–1950: A House Burning vol 1 (2005) ISBN 0-7006-1393-5, origins
    • Oliver, Robert T. Why War Came in Korea. New York: Fordham UP, 1950. Print.
    • Spanier, John W. The Truman-MacArthur Controversy and the Korean War (1959).
    • Stueck, William. Rethinking the Korean War: A New Diplomatic and Strategic History. Princeton U. Press, 2002. 285 pp.
    • Stueck, Jr., William J. The Korean War: An International History (Princeton University Press, 1995), diplomatic
    • Zhang, Shu Guang (1992), Deterrence and Strategic Culture: Chinese-American Confrontations, 1949–1958, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, ISBN 0-8014-2751-7



    British Commonwealth[edit]

  • Bercuson, David J. (1999), Blood on the Hills: the Canadian Army in the Korean War, Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press, ISBN 0-8020-0980-8
  • Johnston, William (2003), A War of Patrols: Canadian Army Operations in Korea, Vancouver: UBC Press, ISBN 0-7748-1008-4
  • Belgium[edit]

    • Crahay, Albert (1985), The Brown Berets in Korea 1950–1953 (Béréts Bruns en Corée 1950–53) (in French), Brussels: Editions J.M. Collet
    • (in French and Dutch) Crahay, Albert, The Belgians in Korea (Les Belges en Corée / De Belgen in Korea)
    • (in French and Dutch) Verhaegen, Benoît (1999), A Season in Korea: From the "Kamina" to the Imjin (Une Saison en Corée: Du " Kamina " à Imjin / Operatie in Korea: Van 'Kamina' naar Imjin), Brussels: Editions Racine, ISBN 2-87386-164-9
    • (in French and Dutch) Tobback, André, In Korea 1952–1953: At the front with 2 platoon, B company (En Corée: 1952-53 – Au front avec la 2ème peloton de la compagnie B / In Korea 1952–1953 – Aan het front met het 2de peloton va, de compagnie B)
    • de Wit, Franz (2003), Belgians Can Do Too! Korea 15 July 1951 – 15 July 1952 (in Dutch), Brussels: De Krijger
    • Pontzeele, Didier (2004), Goodnight Irene: The Korean War diary of Marcel Fichefet (Goodnight Irene: Het Koreaans oorlogsdagboek van Marcel Fichefet) (in Dutch), Brussels: De Krijger
    • (in French and Dutch) Peerlinck, Hugo, Chronicle of the Belgian Battalion in Korea 1950–1955 (Chronique du Bataillon Belge Corée 1950–55 / Kroniek Van Het Belgisch Koreabataljon 1950–1955), Brussels: Editions Flyingpencil
    • Peerlinck, Hugo, Album of the Belgian Battalion in Korea 1950–1955 (Album van het Belgisch Koreabataljon 1950–1955) (in Dutch), Brussels: Editions Flyingpencil
    • Gahide, Jean-Pierre (1991). Belgium and the Korean War: 1950–1955 (La Belgique et la guerre de Corée: 1950-1955) (in French). Brussels: Koninklijk Legermuseum. ISBN 9782870510100.


    • Xue, Yan (徐焰) (1990), First Confrontation: Reviews and Reflections on the History of War to Resist America and Aid Korea (第一次较量:抗美援朝战争的历史回顾与反思) (in Chinese), Beijing: Chinese Radio and Television Publishing House, ISBN 7-5043-0542-1
    • Zhang, Shu Guang (1995), Mao's Military Romanticism: China and the Korean War, 1950–1953, Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, ISBN 0-7006-0723-4


    • Skordiles, Komon, Kagnew, the story of the Ethiopian fighters in Korea, 1954

    South Korea[edit]

    United States[edit]


    • Gunacgun, Ilker (2011), Sakin Sabahlar Ülkesi [Land of the Morning Calm], Istanbul, Turkey: Sokak Kitapları Yayınları, ISBN 9789944205429

    Prisoners of war[edit]

    • Bassett, Richard M. And the Wind Blew Cold: The Story of an American POW in North Korea. Kent State U. Press, 2002. 117 pp.
    • Biderman, Albert D. (1963), March to Calumny: The Story of American POW's in Korea, New York, NY: The Macmillan Company, OCLC 4956442
    • Cunningham, Cyril (2000), No Mercy, No Leniency: Communist Mistreatment of British Prisoners of War in Korea, Barnsley, South Yorkshire: Leo Cooper, ISBN 0-85052-767-8
    • Heo, Man-ho (2002). North Korea's Continued Detention of South Korean POWs since the Korean and Vietnam Wars (PDF). Korea Journal of Defense Analysis. XIV No. 2. pp. 141–65. Archived from the original (PDF) on 2016-01-28.
    • Kinkhead, Eugene (1981), In Every War But One, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, ISBN 0-313-23113-3
    • Lech, Raymond B. (2000), Broken Soldiers, Chicago, IL: University of Illinois, ISBN 0-252-02541-5
    • Young, Charles S. (2014), Name, Rank, and Serial Number: Exploiting Korean War POWs at Home and Abroad, New York: Oxford, ISBN 978-0-19-518348-1
    • Yoo, Young-Bok (2012), Tears of Blood: A Korean POW's Fight for Freedom, Family and Justice, Los Angeles, CA: Korean War POW Affairs, ISBN 978-1479383856

    Unit history[edit]