List of crossings of the Raritan River

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The Raritan river at its mouth at Raritan Bay, an arm of the Upper New York Bay

This is a list of road/highway and rail crossings of the Raritan River from the mouth at Raritan Bay upstream. It also includes crossings of its two branches: the North Branch Raritan River and the South Branch Raritan River.

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Crossing Image Carries Location Coordinates

Main stem[edit]

Raritan Bay Drawbridge Raritan Bay Bridge.jpg NJ Transit North Jersey Coast Line
Norfolk Southern Railway
40°29′46″N 74°16′52″W / 40.4961°N 74.2810°W / 40.4961; -74.2810 (Raritan Bay Drawbridge)
Victory Bridge Circle sign 35.svg NJ 35 40°30′28″N 74°17′31″W / 40.5077°N 74.2919°W / 40.5077; -74.2919 (Victory Bridge)
Edison Bridge US 9.svg US 9 north 40°30′32″N 74°18′03″W / 40.5090°N 74.3007°W / 40.5090; -74.3007 (Edison Bridge)
Ellis S. Vieser Memorial Bridge US 9.svg US 9 south 40°30′32″N 74°18′05″W / 40.5088°N 74.3014°W / 40.5088; -74.3014 (Ellis S. Vieser Memorial Bridge)
Driscoll Bridge GSPkwy Shield.svg Garden State Parkway 40°30′33″N 74°18′05″W / 40.5093°N 74.3013°W / 40.5093; -74.3013 (Driscoll Bridge)
Basilone Bridge I-95 (NJ).svg I-95
New Jersey Turnpike Shield.svg New Jersey Turnpike
40°29′18″N 74°23′47″W / 40.4884°N 74.3963°W / 40.4884; -74.3963 (Basilone Bridge)
Morris Goodkind Bridge US 1.svg US 1 north 40°29′34″N 74°24′46″W / 40.4927°N 74.4127°W / 40.4927; -74.4127 (Morris Goodkind Bridge)
Donald Goodkind Bridge US 1.svg US 1 south 40°29′33″N 74°24′47″W / 40.4926°N 74.4131°W / 40.4926; -74.4131 (Donald Goodkind Bridge)
Albany Street Bridge Circle sign 27.svg NJ 27
County 514.svg County Route 514
40°29′51″N 74°26′16″W / 40.4975°N 74.4377°W / 40.4975; -74.4377 (Albany Street Bridge)
Raritan River Bridge (Northeast Corridor) Amtrak Northeast Corridor
NJ Transit Northeast Corridor Line
40°30′04″N 74°26′27″W / 40.5011°N 74.4409°W / 40.5011; -74.4409 (Raritan River Bridge (Northeast Corridor))
John A. Lynch Sr. Memorial Bridge Circle sign 18.svg NJ 18 40°30′30″N 74°27′31″W / 40.5084°N 74.4586°W / 40.5084; -74.4586 (John A. Lynch Sr. Memorial Bridge)
Landing Lane Bridge Middlesex County Route 609 NJ.svg County Route 609 40°30′31″N 74°27′50″W / 40.5086°N 74.4638°W / 40.5086; -74.4638 (Landing Lane Bridge)
I-287 Bridge I-287.svg I-287 40°32′23″N 74°30′43″W / 40.5397°N 74.5119°W / 40.5397; -74.5119 (I-287 Bridge)
Rail bridge (abandoned) Rail 40°33′32″N 74°31′26″W / 40.5588°N 74.5240°W / 40.5588; -74.5240 (Rail bridge (abandoned))
Queen's Bridge County 527.svg County Route 527 40°33′35″N 74°31′40″W / 40.5596°N 74.5278°W / 40.5596; -74.5278 (Queen's Bridge)
I-287 Bridge I-287.svg I-287 40°33′15″N 74°32′40″W / 40.5542°N 74.5445°W / 40.5542; -74.5445 (I-287 Bridge)
Rail bridges Conrail Shared Assets Operations 40°32′59″N 74°34′07″W / 40.5497°N 74.5687°W / 40.5497; -74.5687 (Rail bridges)
Rail bridge Conrail Shared Assets Operations 40°33′06″N 74°34′19″W / 40.5518°N 74.5720°W / 40.5518; -74.5720 (Rail bridge)
Rail bridge (abandoned) Rail 40°33′10″N 74°34′31″W / 40.5527°N 74.5754°W / 40.5527; -74.5754 (Rail bridge (abandoned))
Van Veghten's Bridge Van Veghten's Bridge, Raritan River, NJ - looking north.jpg County 533.svg County Route 533 40°33′19″N 74°35′00″W / 40.5553°N 74.5832°W / 40.5553; -74.5832 (Van Veghten's Bridge)
U.S. Route 206 Bridge US 206.svg US 206 40°33′22″N 74°36′57″W / 40.5562°N 74.6159°W / 40.5562; -74.6159 (U.S. Route 206 Bridge)
Rail bridge (abandoned) Rail 40°33′27″N 74°37′14″W / 40.5575°N 74.6206°W / 40.5575; -74.6206 (Rail bridge (abandoned))
Nevius Street Bridge Nevius Street Raritan Bridge.jpg Pedestrian Bridge 40°33′53″N 74°38′09″W / 40.5646°N 74.6357°W / 40.5646; -74.6357 (Nevius Street Bridge)
John Basilone Veterans Memorial Bridge John Basilone Veterans Memorial Bridge, Raritan, NJ.jpg Somerset County Route 625 NJ.svg County Route 625 40°30′34″N 74°43′37″W / 40.5094°N 74.7269°W / 40.5094; -74.7269 (John Basilone Veterans Memorial Bridge)

North Branch[edit]

Old York Road Bridge County 567.svg County Route 567 Branchburg 40°33′37″N 74°42′53″W / 40.5604°N 74.7147°W / 40.5604; -74.7147 (Old York Road Bridge)
North Branch Bridge North Branch Bridge, North Branch, NJ.jpg Circle sign 28.svg NJ 28
Somerset County Route 614 NJ.svg County Route 614
North Branch 40°36′00″N 74°40′25″W / 40.6000°N 74.6737°W / 40.6000; -74.6737 (North Branch Bridge)

South Branch[edit]

Studdiford Drive Bridge Studdiford Drive Bridge, South Branch, NJ.jpg Studdiford Drive South Branch 40°32′48″N 74°41′47″W / 40.5468°N 74.6963°W / 40.5468; -74.6963 (Studdiford Drive Bridge)
Neshanic Station Lenticular Truss Bridge Lenticular Truss Bridge, Neshanic Station , NJ - area view.jpg Somerset County Route 667 NJ.svg County Route 667 Neshanic Station 40°33′53″N 74°38′12″W / 40.5647°N 74.6368°W / 40.5647; -74.6368 (Neshanic Station Lenticular Truss Bridge)

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