List of diplomatic missions of Montenegro

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Map of Montenegrin diplomatic missions

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Montenegro, excluding honorary consulates. Montenegro is building its diplomatic network. As this information is subject to change, full list can always be obtained from the website of Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

On November 30, 2006, the Government has adopted the Memorandum of Agreement between Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia on Consular Protection and Services to the Citizens of Montenegro. By this agreement, Serbia, through its network of diplomatic and consular missions, provides consular services to the Montenegrin citizens on the territory of states in which Montenegro has no missions of its own. Details of the Serbian missions abroad are listed on the Serbian MFA website.

Embassy of Montenegro in Berlin
Embassy of Montenegro in Buenos Aires
Embassy of Montenegro in London
Embassy of Montenegro in Moscow
Embassy of Montenegro in Paris
Embassy of Montenegro in Warsaw
Embassy of Montenegro in Washington, DC




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  1. ^ The Montenegrin Embassy to the Holy See is located outside Vatican territory in Rome.