List of governors of Uganda

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Governor of Uganda
Standard of the Governor of the Uganda Protectorate.svg
Standard of the Governor of Uganda
Reports toThe Monarch of the United Kingdom
ResidenceState House, Entebbe
Formation26 December 1890
First holderFrederick John Dealtry Lugard
Final holderWalter Coutts
Abolished9 October 1963
SuccessionPresident of Uganda

This is a list of military administrators, commissioners, governors and governors-general of Uganda.

The office of Governor of Uganda was ultimately replaced by a President of Uganda after a brief transition to a Governor-General.

Military administrator, 1890–1892[edit]

Commissioners, 1893–1910[edit]

Governors of Uganda, 1910–1962[edit]

Governor-General of Uganda, 1962–1963[edit]

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