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Libya has a long history and has been in contact with many other civilizations, from pre-historic age to the modern age, passing through so many ages such as: Garamantes, Greek, Roman, Islamic and many other ages.

Mosaic commemorating the refounding of Olbia by Theodora in Qasr Libya Museum.
Year established
Bayda Museum Bayda
Apollonia Museum
(also known as the Susa Museum)
Benghazi Museum Benghazi
Cyrene Antiquity Museum Cyrene
Derna Museum Derna
Epigraphy Museum of Tripoli Tripoli
Ethnographic Museum of Tripoli Tripoli
Germa Museum Fezzan
Ghadames Museum Ghadames
Islamic Museum of Tripoli Tripoli
Janzour Museum Janzur
Karamanly House Museum Tripoli historic house
Leptis Magna Museum Khoms
Museum of Libya
Nalut Dinosaur Museum Nalut
Natural History Museum of Tripoli Tripoli
Prehistory Museum of Tripoli Tripoli
Punic Museum of Sabratha Sabratha
Qasr Libya Museum Qasr Libya
Red Castle Museum Tripoli
Roman Museum of Sabratha Sabratha
Sirte Museum Sirte
Taucheira Museum Taucheira
Tobruk Military Museum Tobruk
Tolmeita Museum Tolmeita
Trajan Baths Museum Cyrene
Zliten Museum Zliten

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