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This list of museums includes museums in the municipality of Madrid, the capital of Spain.

Art museums[edit]

History museums[edit]

Arts and cultural centers[edit]

Anthropology museums[edit]

Science museums[edit]


University museums[edit]

  • Alfonso XIII Royal Botanical Garden [es] (UCM)
  • Javier Puerta Museum of Anatomy (UCM)
  • Museum of Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrate Animals (UCM)
  • Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology (UCM)
  • Museum of Astronomy and Geodesy (UCM)
  • Museum of Entomology (UCM)
  • Hispanic Pharmacy Museum (UCM)
  • Museum of Geology (UCM)
  • Museum of Dentistry "Luis de Macorra" (UCM)
  • Complutense Optical Museum (UCM)
  • Pedagogical Textile Museum (UCM)
  • Complutense Veterinarian Museum (UCM)
  • Museum of Medical and Forensic Anthropology, Paleopathology and Criminalistics (UCM)
  • Laboratory Museum of History of Education (UCM)
  • Computer Museum García Santesmases (UCM)
  • Pedagogical Museum of Children Art (UCM)
  • Olavide Museum (UCM)
  • Joaquín Serna Museum (UPM)
  • Torres Quevedo Museum (UPM)
  • Museum of Agronomy (UPM)
  • Museum of Applied Geology (UPM)
  • Museum of topographical instruments (UPM)
  • Museum of telecommunications (UPM)
  • INEF (National Institute for Physical Education) Museum (UPM)
  • "Felipe de Borbón y Grecia" Museum of Mining History [es] (UPM)
  • Technological Museum (UPM)
  • Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions [es] (UAM)
  • Museum Mineralogy Museum] (UAM)
  • Museum of the School of Engineering (UAM)

Defunct museums[edit]

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