List of social gaming networks

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This is a list of major social gaming networks.

The list is not exhaustive and is limited to notable, well-known services.

Name Platforms Date launched Registered users Registration
AGON Online Mobile (iOS) closed
Game Center Mobile (iOS) September 8, 2010 67,000,000 closed
Gameloft Live Mobile 2008 open
Google Play Games Mobile (Android) July 24, 2013 open
GREE Mobile December 2004 open
Mobage Mobile February 2009 open
OpenFeint Mobile 2006 open
PlayStation Network Console (PlayStation) November 2006 110,000,000 open
Plus+ Mobile June 2009 open
Scoreloop Mobile 2008 open
Steam Desktop/Mobile September 12, 2003 open
Xbox Live Console (Xbox) November 2002 40,000,000 open