List of universities and colleges in Jilin

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The following is List of Universities and Colleges in Jilin.

Name Chinese name Type Location Note
Jilin University 吉林大学 National (Direct) Changchun Ω
Yanbian University 延边大学 Provincial Yanbian
Changchun University of Science and Technology 长春理工大学 Provincial Changchun
Northeast Electric Power University 东北电力大学 Provincial Jilin
Changchun University of Technology 长春工业大学 Provincial Changchun
Jilin Jianzhu University 吉林建筑大学 Provincial Changchun
Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology 吉林化工学院 Provincial Jilin
Jilin Agricultural University 吉林农业大学 Provincial Changchun
Changchun University of Chinese Medicine 长春中医药大学 Provincial Changchun
Northeast Normal University 东北师范大学 National (Direct) Changchun Ω
Beihua University 北华大学 Provincial Jilin
Tonghua Normal University 通化师范学院 Provincial Tonghua
Jilin Normal University 吉林师范大学 Provincial Siping
Changchun Normal University 长春师范大学 Provincial Changchun
Baicheng Normal University 白城师范学院 Provincial Baicheng
Jilin Sport University 吉林体育学院 Provincial Changchun
Jilin University of Arts 吉林艺术学院 Provincial Changchun
Jilin University of Foreign Languages 吉林外国语大学 Private Changchun
Jilin Business and Technology College 吉林工商学院 Provincial Changchun
Changchun Institute of Technology 长春工程学院 Provincial Changchun
Changchun University 长春大学 Provincial Changchun
Changchun Guanghua University 长春光华学院 Private Changchun
Bohua College, Jilin Normal University 吉林师范大学博华学院 Private Siping
Jinlin Medical University 吉林医药学院 Provincial Jilin