Lotto Cross Cup de Hannut

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Lotto Cross Cup de Hannut
LocationHannut, Belgium Belgium
Event typeCross country
Distance10.5 km for men
6 km for women
Official siteLotto Cross Cup Brussels

The Lotto Cross Cup de Hannut is an annual cross country running competition that takes place in Hannut in the Belgian province of Liège. It holds permit meeting status from the European Athletic Association and attracts top athletes from Europe and Africa.[1]

Typically held in January or February, the competition was created as a men's only event in 1941 and in its first decade a number of Belgian champions competed, including Gaston Reiff and Marcel Vandewattyne. It became increasingly international in nature and the 1950s saw Olympic medallists top the podium, such as Derek Ibbotson, Gordon Pirie and Franjo Mihalić. Despite the growth of foreign competition, Gaston Roelants (the 1964 Olympic steeplechase champion) was dominant at the competition in the 1960s and two more Belgian Olympians, Emiel Puttemans and Vincent Rousseau, extended the national-level success from the mid-1970s through to the 1990s. A women's race was introduced in 1977 and attracted high level foreign competition from 1990 onwards.[2]

The quality of the competition at the race declined in the 1990s, but this trend was reversed when it became part of the Lotto Cross Cup series of Belgian races, which also includes an international meeting in Brussels.[3] Having been held every year since 1941, bar 1945–1946, the Lotto Cross Cup de Hannut is one of the longest running competitions of its type in Belgium.[3] Since 2000, the senior races have seen an increase in participation from (and victories by) Kenyan and Ethiopian runners in both the men's and women's sections.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

The event currently holds four principal races each year: a men's race of 10.5 km, a women's race of 6 km, a junior men's race of 6.5 km, and a junior women's race of 4.5 km. There are also a series of younger age-category races, masters races for older runners. Aside from these, there are two further recreational events bearing the names of top Belgian runners of the past: the "5 km Véronique Collard" for women and the "10 km Leon Schots" for men.[11] The courses for the competition take place on a series of three loops of vary lengths, which are set in the grounds surrounding the Stade Lucien Gustin (the stadium of the local athletics club FC Hannut Athlétisme).[12] It is usually a flat and grassy course, although occasionally muddy in wet weather.[13] The current race director is Jos Van Roy.[14]

Past senior race winners[edit]

Early men's race[edit]

Edition Year Men's winner Time (m:s)
1st 1941  P Willems (BEL)
2nd 1942  Eduard Schroeven (BEL)
3rd 1943  Gaston Reiff (BEL)
4th 1944  Eduard Schroeven (BEL)
Not held due to World War II
5th 1947  Gaston Reiff (BEL)
6th 1948  Emile Renson (BEL)
7th 1949  Raphaël Pujazon (FRA)
8th 1950  Lucien Theys (BEL)
9th 1951  Marcel Vandewattyne (BEL) 34:02
10th 1952  Marcel Vandewattyne (BEL)
11th 1953  Marcel Vandewattyne (BEL)
12th 1954  Ken Norris (GBR)
13th 1955  Gordon Pirie (GBR) 43:05
14th 1956  Derek Ibbotson (GBR)
15th 1957  Ken Norris (GBR) 36:29
16th 1958  Franjo Mihalić (YUG) 33:52.8
17th 1959  Marcel Vandewattyne (BEL) 32:38
18th 1960  Hedwig Leenaert (BEL) 35:51
19th 1961  Rhadi Ben Abdesselam (FRA) 39:27
20th 1962  Gaston Roelants (BEL) 37:48.2
21st 1963  Tim Johnston (GBR) 32:07.7
22nd 1964  Gaston Roelants (BEL) 32:41.2
23rd 1965  Gaston Roelants (BEL) 31:49.0
24th 1966  Gaston Roelants (BEL) 32:20
25th 1967  Gaston Roelants (BEL) 26:38.4
26th 1968  Lachlan Stewart (GBR) 27:08
27th 1969  Gaston Roelants (BEL) 27:25
28th 1970  René Goris (BEL) 26:56
29th 1971  Willy Polleunis (BEL)
30th 1972  Gaston Roelants (BEL)
31st 1973  Emiel Puttemans (BEL) 24:10
32nd 1974  Emiel Puttemans (BEL) 24:04
33rd 1975  Emiel Puttemans (BEL) 24:33
34th 1976  Eddy Van Mullem (BEL) 28:13

Men's and women's race[edit]

Belgium's Veerle Dejaeghere was the women's winner in 2000.
Teyba Erkesso of Ethiopia won in 2004.
Atelaw Yeshetela of Belgium won in 2011 and went on to win the European title.
Edition Year Men's winner Time (m:s) Women's winner Time (m:s)
35th 1977  Detlef Uhlemann (FRG) 21:22  Sonja Castelein (BEL)
36th 1978  Valdur Koha (FRG) ?
37th 1979  Alex Hagelsteens (BEL)  Lucienne Michaux (BEL)
38th 1980  Fernando Mamede (POR) 26:23.3  Maria Steels (BEL)
39th 1981  Léon Schots (BEL)  Véronique Collard (BEL)
40th 1982  Jacques Boxberger (FRA) ?
Not held in 1983 as fixture moved from November to February
41st 1984  Eddy De Pauw (BEL) 35:06.1  Francine Peeters (BEL)
42nd 1985  Nathaniel Muir (GBR)  Betty Van Steenbroeck (BEL)
43rd 1986  Vincent Rousseau (BEL)  Betty Van Steenbroeck (BEL)
44th 1987  Roger Hackney (GBR) 39:29  Ria Van Landeghem (BEL) 17:35
45th 1988  Vincent Rousseau (BEL)  Véronique Collard (BEL)
46th 1989  António Pinto (POR) 32:12  Marleen Renders (BEL) 21:06.0
47th 1990  Richard Nerurkar (GBR) 33:39  Véronique Collard (BEL) 20:01
48th 1991  Vincent Rousseau (BEL)  Marcianne Mukamurenzi (RWA)
49th 1992  Vincent Rousseau (BEL) 27:35  Lieve Slegers (BEL) 16:54
50th 1993  Vincent Rousseau (BEL)  Ingrid Delagrange (BEL)
51st 1994  Ruddy Walem (BEL)  Ingrid Delagrange (BEL)
52nd 1995  Laban Chege (KEN)  Selina Chirchir (KEN)
53rd 1996  Benoît Zwierzchiewski (FRA) 34:12  Elena Fidatov (ROM) 19:34
54th 1997  Mohammed Mourhit (BEL) 35:15  Getenesh Urge (ETH) 20:22
55th 1998  Mohammed Mourhit (BEL) 29:56  Elena Fidatov (ROM) 18:38
56th 1999  Ovidiu Tat (ROM) 33:12  Anja Smolders (BEL) 18:45
57th 2000  Tom Compernolle (BEL) 33:44  Veerle Dejaeghere (BEL) 19:17
58th 2001  Tom Van Hooste (BEL) 36:31  Anja Smolders (BEL) 19:29
59th 2002  Shadrack Kosgei (KEN) 36:49  Liz Yelling (GBR) 19:59
60th 2003  Shadrack Kosgei (KEN) 37:56  Lenah Cheruiyot (KEN) 20:24
61st 2004  Wilson Chemweno (KEN) 35:15  Teyba Erkesso (ETH) 18:46
62nd 2005  Luke Kipkosgei (KEN) 34:53  Benita Johnson (AUS) 18:34
63rd 2006  Mike Kigen (KEN) 32:51  Girma Chaltu (ETH) 17:49
64th 2007  Simon Arusei (KEN) 35:11  Florence Kiplagat (KEN) 18:53
65th 2008  Leonard Komon (KEN) 33:42  Linet Masai (KEN) 18:09
66th 2009  Dino Sefir (ETH) 32:57  Margaret Muriuki (KEN) 18:15
67th 2010  Onèsphore Nkunzimana (BDI) 31:06  Almensh Belete (ETH) 19:25
68th 2011  Atelaw Yeshetela (BEL) 32:17  Gemma Steel (GBR) 19:58
69th 2012  Conseslus Kipruto (KEN) 31:22  Valentine Kipketer (KEN) 21:17
70th 2013  Aweke Ayalew (BHR) 30:16  Sofia Assefa (ETH) 20:40
71st 2014  Titus Mbishei (KEN) 26:43  Birtukan Adamu (ETH) 20:16
72nd 2015[15]  Dame Tasama (ETH) 32:52  Louise Carton (BEL) 22:04
73rd 2016  Dame Tasama (ETH) 28:27  Birtukan Fente (ETH) 18:53
74th 2017  Andy Vernon (GBR) 26:54  Birtukan Adamu (ETH) 20:17
75th 2018  Soufiane Bouchikhi (BEL) 29:11  Birtukan Adamu (ETH) 22:02
  • Note that times are not comparable due to the variance of the race distance over the competition's history (from 7 km up to 14 km) and the effects of weather conditions.[2]
  • Note: the event was held in February between 1941 and 1975. Held once in March in 1976, it was rescheduled for November from 1978 to 1982. It reverted to its February timing in 1984, skipping 1983 altogether. It has been mostly held in late January since 1993.[2]


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