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Loyal to Trentino (Italian: Leali al Trentino) was a regionalist social-liberal Italian political party based in the province of Trentino.[1]

It was launched in 2003 by former members of the Italian Republican Party, the Italian Democratic Socialist Party and Democratic Alliance, who ran in the 1998 provincial election within the list Trentino Tomorrow. Also former members of the Italian Socialist Party took part to that list, but they later joined the Italian Democratic Socialists. Its leading members were Enzo Bassetti and Marco Benedetti, both former long-time Republicans.

In the 2003 provincial election, the party won 2.6% of the vote and got one provincial deputy elected, while in 2008 it gained 2.4%, failing to gain a seat in the Provincial Council.[2] The party has since stopped its activities and it has no longer an active website.



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