Lucombe's Seedling

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Lucombe's Seedling, also known as Kirton Fair,[citation needed] Newquay Prizetaker,[1] and Uncle Barney,[1] is a dessert or eating apple once popular in counties of Devon and Cornwall.


The skin of this apple is pale yellow/green with crimson streaks and dotted with dark spots. Quite large and angular with stout short thick stalk. Its flavour is described as 'pleasant juicy white flesh with a spicy, subacid flavour'.[2]


Originally from Kirton or Crediton, this apple comes from the 'Lucombe & Pince nursery' at St Thomas, Exeter. It was most popular in Crediton,[3] where it is known locally as Kirton Fair. It was also popular in West Cornwall where it was sold as the 'Newquay Prizetaker'.[1]

Habit and growth[edit]

Not very vigorous and fruits in the mid to very late season.


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