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M-84AS mbt 1.JPG
Serbian M-84AS
TypeMain battle tank
Place of originSerbia
Service history
Used bySerbia
Production history
DesignerMilitary Technical Institute Belgrade
ManufacturerYugoimport SDPR
No. built≈10[citation needed]
Mass45 tonnes
Length9.53 m
Width3.73 m
Height2.23 m
Crew3 (commander, gunner, driver)

Armorcylindrical pad, high-hardness steel, titanium, aluminium, tungsten, NERA plus modular Kontakt-5, Shtora
125 mm 2A46M smoothbore gun and a 9M119 Svir
7.62 mm M86 coaxial machine gun, 12.7 mm M87 anti-aircraft machine gun
Enginediesel V-46TK
1,200 hp
Power/weight26.7 hp/tonne
Suspensiontorsion bar
700 km
Maximum speed 75 km/h

The M-84AS is a modernized version of the M-84 main battle tank produced by Yugoimport SDPR in Serbia. M-84AS is sometimes referred to as M-84AB1 and M-2001.


The modernization gives an improved fire-control system with integrated day/night sight.[1] The M84A1 gun is replaced with a similar but improved gun which, along with better control characteristics, enables easy and fast field replacement of the barrel. The M-84AS tank is able to fire anti-tank guided missiles with laser guidance through the barrel, which enables accurate engagement of enemy tanks up to 5 km.[2][3]

The M-84AS is equipped with non-explosive and non-energetic reactive armour (NERA) which offers protection against modern tandem charge warheads on missiles.[4] It is also equipped with the modern Shtora electro-optical system for defense against wire and laser guided anti-tank missiles.[5] The new turret will provide protection against Kinetic Energy (RHAe) anti-tank guided missiles. Its new 9M119 Refleks is a laser beam riding guided anti-tank missile designed to penetrate 900 mm of RHA.

Production history[edit]

No serial production has been undertaken yet.


Apart from external differences to the M-84, it also has different internal structure and equipment, far surpassing the M-84AB in both capability and durability. Developed originally from the M-84, the M-84AS is more than just a quick tweak to bring it up to standard. Many improvements were adopted from what can be argued to be its sister tank, the T-90S. With slight differences in armour and maneuverability; the T-90S is better armoured while the M-84AS is faster and more maneuverable. Considering the speed perspective, the M-84AS moves at 75 km/h on road while the T-90S moves at 60 km/h on road with off-road speeds varying according to terrain. The armor on the T-90S is somewhat superior with thicker composites, NBC protection as well as having the option of Active Protection System and KMT mine sweeping systems.[6][7] Aside from the propulsion and armor, the targeting system is equivalent.

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