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Maggie Cheung
Maggie Cheung

The Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress is an award presented annually at the Hong Kong Film Awards. It is given to honour an actress who has delivered an outstanding performance in a Hong Kong film. The 1st Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony was held in 1982, with no formal nomination procedure established; the award was given to Kara Hui for her role in My Young Auntie. After the first award ceremony, a nomination system was put in place whereby no more than five nominations are made for each category and each entry is selected through two rounds of voting. Maggie Cheung (pictured) holds the title for the most awards received having been honoured on five separate occasions. Sylvia Chang holds the record for the most nominated actress with ten nominations. Since its inception, 81 actresses have been nominated for the award with 26 actresses winning at least one of the 36 awards. (Full list...)

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Meripilus giganteus

Meripilus giganteus is a polypore fungus in the family Meripilaceae. It causes a white rot in various types of broadleaved trees, particularly beech. This bracket fungus is often found in large clumps at the base of trees, although fruiting bodies are sometimes found some distance from the trunk, parasitizing the roots. M. giganteus has a circumboreal distribution in the Northern Hemisphere, and is widely distributed in Europe. In the field, it is recognizable by the large, multi-capped fruiting body, as well as its pore surface that quickly darkens black when bruised or injured.

Photograph: Michael Gäbler

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