Malaysia–Uzbekistan relations

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Malaysia–Uzbekistan relations
Map indicating locations of Malaysia and Uzbekistan



Malaysia–Uzbekistan relations refers to a foreign relations between the two countries, Malaysia and Uzbekistan. Malaysia has an embassy in Tashkent,[1] and Uzbekistan has an embassy in Ampang, Selangor.[2] Both countries maintain good relations.[3]


Bilateral diplomatic relations were established in 1992 with Malaysia opened its embassy in Tashkent in 1993.[4] Since 1992, the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov has made several visits to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia which were part of his longest trip abroad.[5]

Economic relations[edit]

Both countries are developing ties in the areas of economic and investment co-operation, oil and gas, education and tourism.[4] Many Malaysian investors also has started doing business in Uzbekistan.[4] In 2012, following the 20 years friendship relations between both countries, a Malaysian and Uzbekistan Friendship Association (MAUFA) has been establish.[6] The association also establish a joint projects in the field of educational tourism, photo-tourism, students exchange, mass-media and ICT.[7] In 2011, many of the joint projects operates in Uzbekistan, particularly in the oil and gas industry, manufacture of textiles, furniture and electrical products.[8] Uzbekistan is also keen to learn from Malaysia on the tourism industry.[9]

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