Mareşal (Turkey)

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Mareşal shoulder insignia.
Country  Turkey
Service branch Turkish Armed Forces
Rank Officer
NATO rank OF-10
Formation 1921
Next higher rank None
Next lower rank Orgeneral

Mareşal/Büyükamiral (Marshal) is the highest rank in the Army of Turkey, the Turkish Armed Forces. It is the equivalent of a Field Marshal in other countries.

The rank of Mareşal/Büyükamiral can trace its origins to the Ottoman Empire[citation needed] and to the military of Persia, where the rank was bestowed upon senior commanders upon order of the ruling Sultan.

The word mariscalcus in Latin, had parts from the old-German words meaning horse and servant.

The rank of Mareşal/Büyükamiral can only be bestowed by the National Assembly, and only given to a General/Admiral who leads an army, navy and/or air force with an extraordinary success in battle gaining a victory over the enemy.[1]

The corresponding rank in the Turkish Navy is known as Büyükamiral.

Marshals of Turkey: Only two persons were bestowed the rank Mareşal to date: Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (on 21 September 1921) and chief of staff Fevzi Çakmak (on 31 August 1922), both for their successes in the Turkish War of Independence.