Martha Sundquist State Forest

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Martha Sundquist State Forest is a Tennessee state forest located in Cocke County near Hartford. The forest was named in honor of former Tennessee governor Don Sundquist's wife, Martha.[1] The forest consists primarily of mature mountain and cove hardwood stands, and is surrounded on three sides by the federally-managed Cherokee National Forest.[1]


The forest was created in 2001 when the state purchased 2,001 acres (810 ha) from the International Paper Company (formerly Champion International).


The forest features a hiking trail called "Tennessee Gulf Trail".[2]

Tree types found in the forest include eastern hemlock,[3] magnolia, maple, birch, and white pine.[2]

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Coordinates: 35°48′N 83°01′W / 35.80°N 83.02°W / 35.80; -83.02