Martin Community College

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Martin Community College
TypeCommunity college
PresidentPaul Hutchins
Location, ,
United States

35°50′12″N 77°05′42″W / 35.836700°N 77.095002°W / 35.836700; -77.095002Coordinates: 35°50′12″N 77°05′42″W / 35.836700°N 77.095002°W / 35.836700; -77.095002

Martin Community College is a public community college in Williamston, North Carolina.


Martin Technical Institute Foundation Inc was founded in 1972 to secure funding for a community college in Martin County. In 1976, Martin Technical Institute changed its name to Martin Community College. In 2014, a anonymous letter was sent to the head of North Carolina's Community College board with allegations of "threats against employees, discrimination, cronyism and financial mismanagement" committed by MCC President Dr. Ann Britt and the Board of Trustees of the school. The State Board of Community Colleges later corroborated many of these allegations. The Board of Trustees set up a fund for Dr. Britt in wake of these investigations for her salary. In 2017, Dr. Britt retired after a negative state audit and allegations of financial mismanagement [2]. In 2018, MCC received 6.5 million dollars from the statewide connect NC bond, using 1.2 million in renovating the equine program's barn [3]


799 Students are enrolled in Martin Community college with a variety of degrees and certificates in many fields such as Health Professions, Liberal Arts and Construction Professions. [4]. MCC is unique among community college having its own equine health program. [5]


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