Marula, Zimbabwe

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Marula is located in Zimbabwe
Marula located in Zimbabwe Map
Coordinates: 20°28′29″S 28°05′16″E / 20.47472°S 28.08778°E / -20.47472; 28.08778Coordinates: 20°28′29″S 28°05′16″E / 20.47472°S 28.08778°E / -20.47472; 28.08778
CountryZimbabwe Zimbabwe
ProvinceMatabeleland South

Marula is a small village and railway station on the railway line and the A7 road between Bulawayo and Plumtree, located 75 km from Bulawayo.[1] Because of its location on the railway line, Marula started as a social and religious centre for the surrounding farms in the early colonial period,[2] following the eviction of the Kalanga people from the area by the British South Africa Company.[3]


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