Maubeuge Construction Automobile

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Maubeuge Construction Automobile SNC
Founded29 April 1969
Key people
Olivier Silva (Director)[1]
ProductsKangoo II (also badged Mercedes-Benz Citan)[2]
Production output
137,175 (2013)
Maubeuge plant
Built1969 (1969)
Coordinates50°16′19″N 3°54′37″E / 50.271811°N 3.910282°E / 50.271811; 3.910282Coordinates: 50°16′19″N 3°54′37″E / 50.271811°N 3.910282°E / 50.271811; 3.910282
Area83 hectares
AddressMaubeuge Construction Automobile, BP 20050, 59604 Maubeuge, France

Maubeuge Construction Automobile (French pronunciation: [mobœʒ kɔ̃stʁyksjɔ̃ otɔmɔbil]; MCA) is a subsidiary of the French car manufacturer Renault created in 1980 to operate the light commercial vehicle plant located at Maubeuge.[3] The company traces its origins back to a Chausson factory established in 1969.[4]


In 1969, the Société des Usines Chausson established operations in Maubeuge.[3][5][4] In 1970, Renault and Peugeot entered into the company.[6] (a 52% stake was owned by Chausson, a 24% by Renault and a 24% by Peugeot). An assembly facility was inaugurated on 23 September 1971.[7] The next years, however, Chausson struggled with the relatively low sales for the models produced and the breakup of the Renault-Peugeot partnership.[8] In 1978, Renault purchased all the plant's stake[5] and renamed it Maubeuge Chausson Automobile.[8] In 1980, Renault founded MCA.[3][7][4] Since the 1990s it specialised on LCVs. In 2011 an all-electric van was put into production.[3] In 2012, as part of the partnership between Renault and Daimler, Maubeuge started to assemble the Mercedes-Benz Citan, a badge-engineered Kangoo.[9]

Vehicles manufactured[edit]


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