Men on the Sea Floor

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Men on the Sea Floor
Directed byFrancesco De Robertis
Written byFrancesco De Robertis
Music byEdgardo Carducci
CinematographyGiuseppe Caracciolo
Edited byFrancesco De Robertis
Distributed byScalera Film
Screen Guild Productions (US)[1]
Release date
13 February 1941
December 1948 (US)[2]
Running time
99 minutes

Men on the Sea Floor (Italian:Uomini sul fondo) is a 1941 Italian drama film directed by Francesco De Robertis.[3] De Robertis specialised in semi-documentary films, in this case portraying the crew of an Italian submarine trapped after an accident. De Robertis's technique of using non-actors in roles has been credited as an influence on the development of Italian neorealism.

It was known as SOS Submarine.

Partial cast[edit]


The film was released in the US in 1948 with dubbed English.[4]

Notable Curiosity[edit]

The 1981 German submarine film Das Boot set in World War II also shares a suspenseful part with Men on the Sea Floor in which the German crew tries to free their disabled U-boat from the sea floor.


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